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Top 10 Important Things to Bring on a Charter Bus Trip

These Essentials Will Help You Fully Enjoy the Luxury and Comfort of a Bus

When you want to take a trip with friends and family, there’s no better way than by charter bus. Whether you’re taking the vacation of a lifetime, holding a family reunion or taking in some shows, you’ll find many advantages to traveling by motor coach, and you’ll be impressed at the roomy and comfortable seating and all the modern amenities. You won’t have to worry about checking the map, looking for parking or making certain you arrive before the curtain goes up. With a charter bus from, you can kick back with friends and family while we handle all the details.

Things to remember to bring on a charter bus rental

But there are lots of little ways that you can make a great trip even better. Here are some of the things you want to make certain to bring:

  1. Food and Beverages

On many trips, you’ll make regular stops for meals, but you’ll want to bring your own snacks and beverages to tide you over between stops. A good, reusable water bottle will come in handy,  whether you’re on the bus or at your destination.

  1. Comfortable Clothes, Including Shoes

Wear something that will comfortable for a long trip. Slip-on shoes are a good idea, as your bus may make a few stops. You may want to kick your shoes off when you’re on the road, but you don’t want the hassle of trying to find room to tie your shoes when the bus makes a pit stop.

  1. Personal Hygiene Items

Many of our coaches have well-appointed bathrooms, but you’ll still want to bring a toiletry bag with personal hygiene items, including hand soap or hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste and a comb or brush.

  1. Entertainment

You’ll want something to do while you’re on the road. An iPod or a DVD player, a good book or two or even a board game can help the time fly by.

  1. Sleep and Comfort Aids

If you’re traveling overnight, you may want to bring some melatonin, a sleep mask or even some earplugs. You’ll also want a travel pillow and a small blanket when you want to take a snooze.

  1. Something to Carry Your Stuff In

A purse or a backpack will come in handy, whether you’re filling it with souvenirs, leftovers from the restaurant, an extra sweater, a snack or other personal items.

  1. Sunglasses

On many of the coaches, you can pull a visor down to keep the sun out of your eyes, but a pair of sunglasses can make a long drive into the sun much more tolerable.

  1. Medication

Whether or not you’ve experienced queasiness or motion sickness on a trip before, it’s not a bad idea to have some Dramamine or other motion sickness medication. You may also be thankful if you pack some ibuprofen and something for an upset stomach, as you’ll be eating out the entire trip.

  1. Important Documents or Forms

It may seem common sense, but you want to make certain that you bring appropriate forms of identification—a drivers license or some other pictured ID is essential. In addition, make certain you have health insurance cards, any medication requirements, hotel reservations and other documents related to your trip.

  1. A Positive Attitude

You’re on vacation!! Even if the drive takes a little while, it’s better than being at work, right! So climb on board with a sense of adventure and commitment to let the small stuff be small stuff.

A Charter Bus—The Best Way to Travel!

When you look at all the options for travel, taking a charter bus offers lots of advantages. On a charter bus from you’ll have:

  • A safe and secure trip—We hire and train the best drivers in the business. In addition, because there’s only one way on and off the bus, you won’t have any unwelcome guests and you and your personal items will be safe and secure.
  • Reliability and flexibility—There’s virtually no such thing as a delay or cancellation with a charter bus. And you won’t have to choose from a limited number of options. You tell us where you want to go and we’ll get you there—on time!
  • Extra money to bring home some souvenirs!—Bus travel is hands-down the most affordable way to travel. With the money you save, you can bring home some cherished mementos.
  • Room to breathe!—You won’t be packed in like a sardine on a charter bus. Instead, you’ll enjoy plush seats in a roomy interior. And you can get up any time you want to!
  • A vehicle uniquely suited to your needs—Large or small, your group will find the perfect coach for your trip, one that has all the options you need.


Travel Like a Seasoned Pro—On a Charter Bus!

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Top 10 Important Things to Bring on a Charter Bus Trip