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Summer Road Trip: Visit Beaches Along the Florida Coast

Group travel hits its peak during summer months with people taking vacations. Often beaches are favorite getaway spots. The ocean breeze and cooler temperatures are a good way to escape from hot summer sun, and there are many fun things to do on a beach trip.


Florida Beaches

Take a road trip down the east coast of Florida and stop at some of America’s most popular beaches.

  • Daytona Beach. The Daytona International Speedway is a big attraction for racing aficionados. Enjoy swimming and surfing at the beach and visit the Daytona Beach Pier, with its Boardwalk Amusement area that offers roller coasters, a Ferris wheel and other rides.
  • Cocoa Beach. Sand dunes and a fishing pier are some of the highlights of Cocoa Beach. But most of all, it’s known for great surfing waves.
  • Vero Beach. Vero Beach is part of the Treasure Coast where Spanish galleons were purported to be lost in a hurricane. Beachcombers have come across gems and other finds from time to time.
  • Palm Beach. You’ll experience over 47 miles of stunning shoreline, and it’s no wonder that rich and famous families like the Kennedys and Rockefellers gravitated to this area. Along with the beaches, enjoy the fine hotels, restaurants and shops.


Group Travel Makes a Trip More Exciting

There’s nothing like gathering a bunch of friends and traveling together. If you rent a luxury charter, many have televisions, surround sound and other amenities that make your trip a pleasure. Also, when you leave the driving to a professional, you don’t have to stress over traffic, directions or parking hassles. Bus charters are the safest form of ground transportation in the country.

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Summer Road Trip: Visit Beaches Along the Florida Coast