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Subjective Reasons to Enjoy a Bus Ride

We all benefit from informational tips and practical advice on the web. In addition to publishing mountains of information, people online also bear (or share) their souls, voice their individuality and subjective views — which sometimes invite you to consider refreshing perspectives.

The article “I Like the Bus” is just such an article, published in The Atlantic last July, 2015.

Many of us are caught up in fast paced lifestyles, hectically rushing from one spot to the next, eating lunch while working and racing home as if sliding across home plate. Every second of our day fills with one sort of “busy-ness” or another as we juggle this and that. Certainly, society has engrained the time is money mentality, and multi-tasking while striving for peak production is a revered skill. Collective opinion broadcasts this approach as the ticket to success.

Yet, sometimes an inner voice warns us to find balance. The voice whispers to avoid the extremes of a frenzied pace that ends in a nervous breakdown or heart attack.

If this sounds like you, you may want to stop, take a breath and indulge for a moment in the perspective of “I Like the Bus.” Do you enjoy sitting, listening to music or reading a book? Do you know how to be still?

In “I Like the Bus,” the author, Julie Beck says, “The bus to me is a meditative space, a safe place, a bubble out of time and away from life that moves me gently from one place to another.” She also says that “at the moment of actual traveling, you are neither where you came from nor where you are going, and on the way, you’re not there either, not for long. So the vehicle feels a little outside of reality, especially if you’re traveling alone. It isolates and insulates you from the churn and entropy of life, for a little bit.”

Make time for your own momentary cocoon — breathe and reflect. Travel peacefully to somewhere relaxing, gain a fresh perspective and create some pleasurable memories.

Take a Break and Ride the Bus
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Subjective Reasons to Enjoy a Bus Ride