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Spring Weddings Are in the Air

A spring sun peeks through the clouds of winter now. Springtime is almost here. When you think of spring, you envision fruit trees blossoming, daffodils and bleak winter landscapes transformed into fields of green. It’s a time for new beginnings and that includes weddings.

It’s not too early to start planning your bachelorette and bachelor party celebrations.

A new popular idea for bachelor and bachelorette parties is to make them co-ed. Mix the guys and girls together and create some fun, long-lasting memories.

Bustle  has innovative ideas for co-ed bachelorette parties. Here are just a few:

Sports activities for the wedding party. Play flag football, or run an obstacle course and relay race as you channel your excitement in a sports-minded way.

Camping. Camp under the stars in tents or a cabin where you can cook hot meals and enjoy dance parties and an open bar.

Concert festival. Take in a weekend of exhilarating music at concert festivals.

Amusement park. Ride a roller coaster, eat cotton candy and revisit the child-like excitement of a carnival atmosphere.

Beach day. Gather your wedding party and head to the beach where you can rent jet skis, play volleyball or simply romp in the water and dine out afterward.

The perfect vehicle for your co-ed bachelorette party is a party bus or limousine. These luxury vehicles have open bars, fiber optic lighting and transport you in style. Set worries aside about designating a driver. Go safe and green with a bus charter — the safest and most eco-friendly form of ground transportation in the country.

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Spring Weddings Are in the Air