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Ski Trips: Packing for Comfort

While you may not be a master of the advanced slopes, a professional skier or even of Olympic caliber, you can still take advantage of some practical tips seasoned skiers know about and use. No doubt you have fun in mind, but take comfort into consideration as well.

Here are some comfort-focused ideas we got from and other sources:

Hand/foot warmers. Even with extreme cold weather gear, skiing in powder can make your fingers and toes feel cold and numb. Hand/foot warmers are small portable pouches that come in plastic wrappers. You shake them for a few seconds to activate the chemicals, which makes them warm. Depending on what type you buy, the warmth typically lasts anywhere from five to eight hours. Foot warmers come as insoles that you can put in winter boots.
Long underwear (base layer) Long underwear helps keep you warm and dry, especially if you get a moisture-wicking material. Merino wool, silk and synthetics are the most common types of fabrics used in long underwear. Perspiration dries quickly with moisture-wicking material, which helps keep you dry and avoids body temperature variations. Treated or chemically modified silk increases wicking. Long underwear also comes in ultra lightweight, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight fabrics. When skiing in extremely cold conditions or if you are cold-blooded and have trouble keeping warm, consider using heavyweight underwear.
Boot dryers. When you’re skiing for several days or going on a week’s vacation, chances are your snow boots will get damp. Unfortunately, many snow boots take awhile to dry out again. A boot dryer speeds up the drying process, so you’re not putting your feet into damp boots the next day. Damp boots lead to cold feet, so this is a good way to help keep your feet warm.

Plan stress free travel
Driving in snowy weather can be challenging and so can navigating traffic and figuring out directions. The best way to go on a ski trip with a group of friends is to charter a bus. If you have a small group, consider chartering a minibus. A professional driver deals with driving, and bus charters are the safest and greenest form of ground transportation in the country.

Reserve a bus charter online or call 1-888-502-3458.

Ski Trips: Packing for Comfort