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Safety During the New Year’s Holiday

People love to celebrate the year that’s over and the new year that’s arriving. This often means parties, drinking, dancing and other festivities. New Year’s Eve is also a holiday when a higher percentage of drunken drivers are on the road and when you’re exposed to other potential dangers you may not be aware of. To make your celebration stress-free, it’s important to put some safety precautions in place.

Here are some safety tips recommended by Metrofire

  • Drinking tips. Unfortunately, spiking drinks can occur without people realizing it. Take your drink with you wherever you go. Also, be careful when popping the cork on a champagne bottle and aim the bottle away from people.
  • Driving. Designate a driver who isn’t drinking or rent a limo or party bus. Do whatever ever you need to do to avoid drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve.
  • Public NYE events and private parties. When going to a large event, never go alone. Go with a group of family or friends. Always have a cell phone or iPad — some way of communicating with you — in case you get separated. This safety tip isn’t just for women but for men too. Females going to private parties should always go in a group.
  • Fireworks and guns. Avoid guns and fireworks because when not handled by professionals, you put yourselves in potential danger.
  • Pet safety. Loud noises like guns or fireworks going off make pets afraid and prone to running away. Running into the road is dangerous for the pet and drivers as well, often leading to accidents. Make sure your fences and gates are secure and that your pets have IDs or microchips. Actually, it’s best to keep your pets indoors if possible.

Plan Festivities with People You Care About and Charter a Bus or Limo
The whole drinking and driving problem is something you can avoid by chartering a limo, minibus or party bus. Often, no one really wants to be the designated driver, and this way you can let a professional do the driving for you. Go stress-free – no traffic, directions or parking hassles — and let everyone join in the New Year’s celebration.
Booking bus travel is easy. Reserve a bus charter online or call 1-888-502-3458.

Safety During the New Year’s Holiday