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Reduce Emissions: Charter a Bus

As scientific information builds regarding the negative effects of carbon emissions, the transportation industry becomes increasingly concerned about reducing its carbon footprint.

A research study done at Purdue University showed that Los Angeles County ranked second in the nation for counties with carbon emissions. While Harris County in Texas was the highest due to industry, the reason for L.A. County’s statistic was automobile emissions.

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Study on Carbon Emissions

How can you do your part to reduce emissions?

The American Bus Association (ABA) published facts from a study that showed how the carbon footprint of motorcoaches (bus charters) compared with other types of transportation.

The study used a unit of measurement called a passenger mile. A passenger mile is a calculation of the number of passengers aboard a vehicle multiplied by the number of miles per gallon. The passenger mile shows how energy efficient the vehicle is.

Study Results

The study indicated that motorcoaches were the most energy efficient and released the lowest carbon emissions per passenger mile of any of the transportation types evaluated. They were more eco-friendly than:

  • Vanpools
  • Heavy rail
  • Commuter rail
  • Light rail
  • Trolley
  • Domestic air travel
  • City Transit Bus
  • Cars (including hybrid cars)

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Motorcoaches averaged 43 passenger miles. Next in line were vanpools, which averaged 97 passenger miles. Heavy rail averaged 127 passenger miles. The least green was a typical car trip, which averaged 265 passenger miles. And a one-person car trip was the worst, which averaged 388 passenger miles.

Travel Safely and Do Your Part to Protect the Environment

Aside from being eco-friendly, group travel is also affordable and very safe. It’s fun too and gives you a chance to chat with other people, use your mobile devices or just relax. A professional driver at can drive you safely to your destination and back. You’re free from the stress of traffic, directions and parking. Motorcoaches, whether a party bus, coach or minibus, are the safest form of ground transportation in the country.


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Reduce Emissions: Charter a Bus