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Putting Together the Ultimate Bus Trip Playlist

Things to Consider When You Pick the Tunes to Take You Down the Road

The road and music are inextricably linked…and nowhere more so than in the United States. We’ve been traveling to a song ever since our forefathers landed here, and there’s nothing that will keep you company on a lonesome road like a song, and nothing that will lift your spirits. If you’re planning to rent a charter bus from, there’ll be lots of details that make the trip great, but one of the most important is often the soundtrack. For many of your participants, they’ll songs that they’ll hum the rest of their lives, that will take them back to the good times they had on your outing.

Now, you could just put your device on Pandora and let someone else create the mix—but what’s the fun in that. Before you start assembling your playlist, find out how long you’ll be on the road. You’ll want to make your playlist just a little bit longer—there’s nothing worse than having your soundtrack end before you get there. It’s better to have too much music and have the freedom to skip past a song now and then, rather than end the trip in the sounds of silence.

Know That All Your Work Will Pay Off

You don’t want to go to all that work and not have the music play. Confirm what type of sound system you’ll have on your coach. The best place for your set list—on your phone or on a flash drive (preferably both, so that you have backup). If you plan to use a handheld device, make certain it’s fully charged before you leave and be sure to bring all necessary accessories, including chargers.

In addition, you’ll need to be flexible. You may not be able to recreate the mood you anticipated when you put the list together. Pay attention to who’s participating and be willing to move things around.

Creating Your Playlist

You’ll want to consider a number of genres when compiling the perfect road trip set list. Here are some of the types of songs you want to include:

  • Plan the intro carefully—The first few songs are going to set the mood. If you hit it too hard, you’re in for a crash. But if you start too slowly, you’ll have a hard time getting people involved. Start with some mid-tempo songs that are well-known and let that run for about a half an hour before you start mixing things up.
  • The classic road trip songs—These are the songs that everybody knows, and, on a road trip, they usually have something to do with hitting the highway. Songs like “Ramblin’ Man,” by the Allman Brothers or Springsteen’s “Born To Run” come immediately to mind. The
    “Runnin'” songs—”Runnin’ On Empty” and “Runnin’ Down the Dream” are also sure winners. Non-road songs include most Journey hits and a lot of Billy Joel songs, or you could have a Beatles marathon.
  • The song everyone thinks they know (but don’t)—There are a whole raft of songs that people sing along with all the time, but they never get the lyrics right. This is a great way to break the ice, to loosen people up—see who has the most bizarre lyrics to “Baby Got Back” or if anybody really thinks that Elton John actually sang “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.”
  • Show tunes—Broadway seems to appeal to just about anyone…expect people to get up and start dancing if you play tunes from Hamilton or Wicked, but don’t be surprised if people belt out songs from the old war horses like Hello, Dolly! or Man Of La Mancha.
  • TV theme songs—From Cheers to the Beverly Hillbillies, from Friends to the Addams Family, from The Flintstones, the Jetsons and Gilligan’s Island to Frasier, Friends and Mad About You, these are the songs of our lives. Everybody knows them and everybody wants to sing them.
  • A song for each decade—If you have a diverse group, in terms of age, this is one of the best ways to get everyone involved. Pick a classic 60s song like “Satisfaction” or “My Girl.” Celebrate the 70s with “Hotel California,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Stayin’ Alive.” Move to the 80s with “Thriller,” “Livin’ On A Prayer,” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The 90s had the Macarena and MC Hammer, the 00s had “Hey Ya!” and “Crazy,” and the younger crowd will all know “Rolling in the Deep” and “We Found Love.”
  • The song that you are embarrassed to love—Maybe it’s “YMCA” or the Backstreet Boys. You might find “Achy Breaky Heart” a toe-tapper. This is the song you play in the privacy of your car, with the volume at 11. Don’t be surprised if everybody joins in.
  • Your song—No, not the Elton John classic, though that’s one that most people know and love. If you are putting the set list together, you have the right to put a song or two on there that you’d take to a desert island. The added bonus—you might find some like-minded audiophiles on the trip.
  • Save some of the best for last—The last songs you play will be the ones people remember most. Save a few of the killers for the end, and be prepared to skip through others to make the timing work.

The Best Way to Enjoy Your Road Trip Set List—On a Charter Bus

When you go to all the trouble to put together a great road trip set list, you want to enjoy it. You can’t do that if you’re constantly checking a map or your GPS, battling traffic or looking for a place to park. There’s a better way to really enjoy it all—with a charter bus from

  • You can’t find a safer way to travel—We bring in the best drivers and provide them with the best training in the business, so that they are ready to respond to any situation. In addition, because of the limited access to our coaches, you won’t have to worry about your personal safety or the security of your personal belongings, either.
  • Your options are endless—With a charter bus, every trip is unique, designed to meet your specific needs. You tell us when and where you want to go and how long you want to stay there, and we’ll handle everything else. Because of our access to a large fleet of vehicles, last minute changes and even last-minute bookings are usually no problem.
  • You can turn everything over to someone else—With a charter bus, you don’t have to do much of anything, except show up and have a good time. No hassles with schedules or directions or what time you need to be somewhere. We’ll get you where you need to be when you need to be there. Because you’ll ride on the same bus at all times and your luggage will travel with you, you’ll have no concerns about missing a connection or losing a bag. In addition, there’s no TSA line—you won’t have to take off your shoes or your belt, or get a full body scan. You can bring you own shampoo, and you’ll never have to put your phone on “bus mode.”
  • Delays and cancellations are virtually unknown—Because our charter buses are systematically maintained, mechanical problems are rare. What’s more, with our state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems, we can anticipate traffic issues and find alternate routes to get you where you there on time.
  • You can travel in comfort—All of our coaches have lots of room between the seats, and there’s plenty of space in the aisles, too. And we’ll never give you grief for moving about in the cabin.
  • You won’t break the bank—Charter bus travel is consistently the most cost-effective way to take a group of people on a trip. With the money you save, you can bring back mementos of your trip.
  • You’ll help the planet—Instead of taking a lot of cars, you’ll have a group in a single vehicle, so you’ll leave less of a carbon footprint.

Size and Sound—We Have the Right Coach for You

Whether you’re rolling down the road with a few close friends or it’s one big party, you want a coach that meets your needs. Because of our access to an unparalleled fleet of buses, we can always find the right coach for your needs. For intimate affairs, our Executive Sprinter Vans are just right, with accommodations for up to 12 and lots of room for your luggage and souvenirs. Slightly larger groups fit nicely on one of our mini-buses, which seat anywhere from 24 to 35 passengers. But we can meet the needs of the biggest groups. Our most spacious coaches hold up to 57 and multiple bus rentals are always an option. And you might as well make the whole trip a party, with one of our party buses. These specialty vehicles have room for 20 to 40 guests and come with high-end sound systems and other modern conveniences.

We offer a wide range of amenities on our coaches, but the options vary, so you’ll want to check with our agents to find out what’s available. Many of our buses have Wifi, DVD players and PA systems, as well as ports and charging stations for all your favorite devices. In addition, we have many coaches with on-board restroom facilities.

You’ll Be Rocking All the Way on a Coach from, the largest charter bus network in the nation, has been the industry leader in the charter bus business for more than 30 years, providing quality coaches to more than 21,000 events each year. To learn more about the different coaches in our fleet or to get a free quote, call 1-888-502-3458 to talk to one of our experienced agents.



Putting Together the Ultimate Bus Trip Playlist