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Put Your Travel Time to Use for Work

In this day and age, we connect to the internet and use digital devices for much of our work and daily activities. Whether calling, emailing or texting colleagues, cell phones or digital communications facilitate many business activities.

Engineers can design their products using software programs uploaded onto their laptops. They design the prototype, save the file and attach it to an email. Manufacturing companies receive the attachment and provide a quote to produce the item. Video conferencing can occur through Skype, enabling co-workers to brainstorm new ideas and plan their work projects. From research to looking up words in a dictionary to writing reports, the internet enables rapid communication for work or educational courses. It makes sales and purchases easier along with handling investment transactions. When we’re out and about, we rely on wireless internet for checking weather forecasts or avoiding traffic jams that potentially cause delays. We have become a digital and mobile society

How much is the internet embedded into your daily activity? Two years ago, Pew Research Center released information that only 15 percent of American adults don’t use the internet at all and nine percent of adults use the internet, but not at home. This means that 85 percent of Americans are online much of the time.

People have busy schedules and live fast paced lives. Have you ever been stuck on the freeway and felt like you were losing precious time? What you may not realize is that many buses today have free Wi-Fi. Instead of white knuckling your way through traffic gridlock, you could be sitting on a bus, writing a business report, doing internet marketing research or otherwise putting your valuable time to use.

Driving in traffic is typically not productive. For the business minded, there are times when renting a charter bus with other colleagues may be the most cost and time effective way to travel.

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Put Your Travel Time to Use for Work