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Plan for Your Summer Fun at Girl Scout Camps

Summertime provides an opportunity to experience nature and have fun in the great outdoors. Girl Scout camping is a national tradition that began in 1912 when the Girls Scouts were founded. Ever since and, in fact, for more than a century, young scouts have become proficient campers and participated in outdoors activities.

It’s time to give your laptops, iPads and cell phone texting mania a break. Take off for some natural fun. Get a little exercise, sun and breathe some fresh air.


Camping across the United States

The KOA (Campgrounds of America)has campsites all over the country that are perfect for campers. Locations range from mountains to forests and even urban areas. KOA sites collaborate with scout programs so kids can have fun working on merit badges for all types of activities including:

  • Camping
  • Nature
  • Canoeing
  • Bird Study
  • Insect Study
  • Hiking
  • Forestry
  • Fire Safety
  • Swimming
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Fishing
  • Emergency Preparedness


What other kinds of fun activities do Girls Scouts do during their camping experiences?

  • Pitch tents
  • Build campfires
  • Go horseback riding
  • Learn archery

Visit National Park Service sites and learn about wildlife


Use to Save on Travel Expenses

Many charter buses offer discounts for scout troop trips. No doubt, the best way for a scout troop to travel is by bus. Nothing builds camaraderie like a trip where everyone rides together. Bus travel is also the most practical way for a good-sized group to travel. Everyone arrives at the same time. No one gets lost. Plus, a professional driver deals with directions, traffic and parking hassles. In addition, bus charters are the safest form of ground transportation in the country — and the greenest way to travel.

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Plan for Your Summer Fun at Girl Scout Camps