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Size Matters!!

If you’re taking a group on an excursion and you’ve done your homework, you know that there’s no better way to travel than by charter bus. Whether it’s a family outing to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other event, or you’re bringing an army of fans to a big game or a stadium concert, a charter bus lets you let go of all the details. You won’t have your nose buried in a map or your eyes on the GPS, you won’t have to battle traffic and you won’t have to scramble for a parking spot. With a charter bus from, you can totally relax with family and friends while we handle everything.

Making Certain that Your Coach Isn’t Too Big or Too Small

When you’re traveling any distance with a group of people, it’s essential that you travel on a bus that provides plenty of room, so that folks can be comfortable. You want room to stretch, to move about, to accommodate any special items you want to bring along (or bring home), and to encourage camaraderie—people will remember if they felt like sardines crammed into a too-small coach. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want your bus to be too cavernous, to pay for more bus than you need.

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to know to help you select the ideal size coach is how many people will be traveling with you. There are, however, other questions to ask, important details that may have an impact on the size of your bus.

  • What is the purpose of the trip? Is it business or pleasure? If you’re taking a group of employees on a team-building trip or to a workshop/conference, will you want to use the time on the bus to prepare or to recap? If so, you may want a coach with a little more room, where people can break out into teams without distracting each other.
  • How long will you be on the road? Is the bus really just a way to get you there and back or will it be your home for the better part of the next few days? If you’re traveling a significant distance, you typically want a little more room on the coach. With a short trip (a couple hours), you don’t have to worry too much about cabin fever. But if you’re planning on being on the bus for extended periods of time of a few days, it’s really important that people have a chance to move about the bus.
  • How much can you afford to spend? As a general rule, the bigger the bus, the more it’s going to cost you. A lot will depend on the needs, priorities and expectations of your participants. Are they willing to spend a little more to have more room to move? Do they put a premium on cost savings?
  • Do you have any participants with special needs? If you have attendees who are wheelchair bound or have other needs, it may affect the size coach you need.

We Have the Perfect Coach for Your Group

At, we have access to an extensive fleet of charter buses, so we can match you up with the ideal coach to ensure that all your needs are met. If you’re traveling with a close-knit group of family or friends, our Executive Sprinter Vans accommodate up to 12 people and offer ample space for your personal items, including souvenirs. For mid-sized groups, there’s our Mini-Bus, with seating for 24 to 35 passengers. But there’s really no limit to the number of people you can bring. Our biggest charter buses have room for up to 57 people and it’s never a problem to rent multiple coaches. We also have custom party buses, which come with high end sound systems and provide accommodations for up to 40 guests. Some even have dance floors and wet bars.

We offer a broad array of modern conveniences on our buses, from Wifi and power ports to hookups for iPods, iPhones and other devices. Many coaches have DVD players or CD players and some have onboard bathroom facilities. The amenities will vary from coach to coach, so check with your booking agent to see what options are available.

The Many Good Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus

When you’re taking a group somewhere, it’s not just the destination that matters…it’s also the journey. And the best way to get there and back? On a charter bus from Here are just a few of the compelling reasons to choose a charter bus:

  • Charter buses are safe and secure—Studies consistently show that charter bus travel is the most accident-free mode of transportation. Our drivers are the best in the world, and undergo regular and rigorous training to prepare them to respond to any contingency. In addition, because of the limited access to our coaches, you’ll never have to worry about uninvited guests, and you and your personal items will always be safe and secure.
  • Charter buses give you unmatched flexibility—With a charter bus, you won’t have to choose from a handful of standard packages. Instead, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind trip, based on where you want to go, when you want to be there and how long you want to stay. Because we have access to such a vast network of charter bus service providers, you can always make last minute changes to your itinerary, or even book an entire trip at the 11th hour.
  • You can depend on charter bus travel—There’s little that’s worse than planning a big trip, spending a lot of money, buying tickets to the big game, booking a hotel and making other arrangements, only to have it all fall apart because a flight got cancelled or the train was delayed. With a charter bus, that’s almost unheard of. Our coaches are carefully maintained, so that mechanical issues are virtually nonexistent. Even so, because of our broad network of service providers, we can quickly provide a replacement vehicle, if necessary, so that you can still get where you want to be when you want to be there.
  • Charter buses let you be a part of all the fun— With a charter bus, you don’t have to be in charge. You won’t have to check the time to make certain you’re not late—we’ll take care of that. No worries about maps, GPS, traffic or parking—we’re on it. In addition, all those things about other modes of ravel that get in your craw—not with a charter bus. There’s no TSA line, so you won’t have to take your shoes off and you can bring your favorite shampoo and other personal toiletries. You can also bring your own food and beverages—but only if you share some with the driver (just kidding).


We won’t ask you to put your phone on “bus mode”—you can have any device on at any time. You won’t have to be strapped into your seat, as seat belts are optional, and you won’t have those annoying lights going on, admonishing you to return to your seat —you’re free to move around the cabin as you please. You won’t have any concerns about a missed connection or lost luggage, as you’ll be on the same coach throughout your trip and your bags will travel with you.

  • Charter bus travel helps you help the planet—When you travel together in the same coach, you reduce the emissions, leave less of a carbon footprint, and help protect the environment for future generations.
  • Charter bus travel is the most cost-effective way for a large group to travel—There’s no other mode of travel that’s more cost-effective than charter bus travel. Of course, because of the tremendous flexibility that charter buses offer, the total cost of a trip can vary significantly. The factors that typically have a significant impact on your final cost include where you will travel, how many participants you’ll have, how long you’ll be gone, and the time of year you choose to travel.

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Pick the Right Charter Bus from