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Packing Tips for Your Bus Trip

Through trial and error, seasoned travelers figure out the best ways to pack for a trip. You may as well benefit from their experience and make your travel more enjoyable.

You can error in either direction — packing too much or too little. It’s wise to make a list about a week ahead of time. That way you can review it, buy and gather what you need or think about what you don’t need, pare it down and eliminate items from the list.

Pack Light

Packing light means more than just not taking too many things. It includes techniques such as the following:

  • Rolling your clothes. According to USA Today, travel experts suggest rolling rather than folding your clothes for two reasons. Rolled clothes take up less space in your bags and don’t wrinkle as much as folded clothes.
  • Pack in your shoes. Put underwear or other small items in the shoes you pack so you waste no space.
  • Buy travel-size toiletries items. Small shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant containers and other travel items save room.
  • Bring color coordinated clothing you can wear in layers. Having several pants and shirts or tops you can mix and match help you pack fewer clothes.
  • Wash clothes while traveling. USA Today also recommends washing clothes so you can wear them multiple times. Bring lightweight clothes such as rayon shirts and jersey tops that you can wash in the hotel sink and that will dry quickly overnight.

When you have what you need and your baggage isn’t too bulky or hard to lug around, you’ll make your travel go much smoother.

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Packing Tips for Your Bus Trip