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November Is a Great Time to Be A Sports Fan in Philly

Philadelphia is the home to some big sports teams — the 76ers (NBA), the Eagles (NFL) and the Flyers (NHL). As fall games ramp up, taking a group to the sports complex can be an exciting getaway.


The Eagles

Football remains America’s most popular sport, and Eagles fans enjoy going to games and rooting their team on. The Eagles have a challenging season ahead with their scores even for wins and losses at this point. Their wins have been 10-point leads and their losses are single digits — just one-score games. In fact, the game loss with the Dallas Cowboys went into overtime.


The 76’ers

The season is just beginning for the 76ers. Joel Embiid, the Sixers center, ranks second for top shot-blocker in the league and shows a lot of promise for the team. The Sixers game loss against last year’s champion, the Cleveland Cavaliers, came down to getting off a potential game-winning shot. Coach Brown believes that mastering some subtleties keeps them on the right path and will put them in positions to win.


The Flyers

Hockey is an action packed sport with virtually no time getting in the way of the action. By comparison, football has 11 minutes of actual game action and plays generally last about five seconds. (Odyssey) .

In hockey games, you’ll see explosive hits where the sport gets physical. The playoffs are intense, high excitement with hard-hitting moves and goal maneuvers can be chilling. Die-hard hockey fans will tell you it’s the best sport around.

The Philadelphia Flyers definitely have a following and if you’ve never been to a hockey game, gather up your friends and family for a unique experience.


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November Is a Great Time to Be A Sports Fan in Philly