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No More Waiting — Reserve a Bus Charter for Boston in Seconds


When you click, internet communications zip through in seconds, and that’s how fast you can charter a bus through All you need is the link and your mobile device. Millions of dollars went into making your interface fast and user friendly. Join the mobile ready and plan your next trip.

It’s not just the high tech aspect of charter buses that has improved. Through the partnership of US Coachways and Greyhound, you also have at your fingertips the nation’s largest network of vehicles — more than ever before. We can take you just about anywhere in the United States and your selection of vehicles is extensive. You can choose a limousine, a mini van, party bus, corporate car, executive sprinter van, executive bus or a 49, 56 or 61 passenger coach — and still have more options to consider.

Boston, Boston, Here We Come!

Whether you “take me out to the ball game” at Fenway Park and cheer on the Boston Red Sox, or hit the Freedom Trail to relive some of our great nation’s history, Boston has plenty to do and enjoy.

You can take a Boston Foodie Tour through Beacon Hill, which mixes historical facts with award-winning foods such as Italian cuisine by one of America’s coolest chefs or sample top-of-the-line chocolates and first-rated nuts and more.

The Boston Public Garden is famous for being America’s first public botanical garden. The Victorian era style is evident in the garden’s design, which contains brilliant floral patterns that are a mixture of exotic imported trees with rich, colorful local plants, monuments, fountains and swan boats that glide over the Lagoon.

Make your trip to Boston a group occasion, whether visiting for a day, going on vacation or planning a church, school or executive excursion. The digital age is connecting people from all walks of life through social networking. Likewise, you can take social networking to the next level by coming together in an actual, group travel event.

Bus Charters Are a Green Way to Travel

When groups travel in one vehicle, it helps save the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Estimates show that one bus replaces about 50 cars and subsequently eliminates about 80 percent of the carbon emissions those cars would produce on the road.

Fun, Affordable Travel: Book Online and Save Money!

Charter a bus online and take advantage of web discounts. You can save 10% when you book $1,000 or more of travel. Or Call 888-502-3458 and mention when booking your trip.



No More Waiting — Reserve a Bus Charter for Boston in Seconds