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Mini Bus vs. Coach: Which Works Best for Your Outing?


You have a number of vehicles to choose from when you consider renting a bus, and a coach and mini bus are two popular choices.

What Is the Difference between a Mini Bus and a Coach?

A mini bus generally holds anywhere from 10 up to 25 passengers or more, and with some bus companies, the range is between 26 to 35 passengers. You’ll find various bus rental companies describe mini buses differently, but most fall within these ranges.

If you have a relatively small group of people, renting a mini bus is more affordable than renting a coach. Sports outings, weddings, bachelorette parties and business events are often perfect for a mini bus and especially when going short distances, say within 150 miles for a day trip. Bus companies base rental prices on the number of rental hours and bus size according to how many passengers the bus holds. Some companies also have charter hour minimums for weekdays and different minimums for the weekends. The difference in rental prices between a mini bus and a coach can add up to several hundred dollars, which makes a mini bus a more affordable option.

Bus Amenities

As far as amenities, most luxury mini-buses offer the same features as a coach, except coaches typically contain a bathroom and many minibuses do not. Amenities vary based on locale but often include:

  • High back reclining seats
  • TV
  • DVD
  • AM/FM
  • Cassette/CD
  • PA system
  • Heat/AC
  • Baggage storage

Once you’ve decided on a mini bus, this USA Today article gives tips on how to rent the bus.

Plan Affordable Travel on a Mini Bus

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Mini Bus vs. Coach: Which Works Best for Your Outing?