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Make Vacation Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016! With that said, here is the number one New Year’s resolution to make for 2016. Take your vacation time!

You probably don’t realize it, but statistics reveal something very telling about life in America. Fortune magazine published an article entitled “Why Americans just won’t take time off,” and Psychology Today published a similar article called “No-Vacation Nation

Here are some relevant facts:
Americans take fewer vacation days now than they have in the past forty years
An estimated 61% who take vacation continue to do work, send emails and conduct business calls while on vacation
The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not have at least one legally required paid vacation day or holiday
Every year workers collectively lose $52.4 billion in forfeited time off benefits

As a result of no vacations, are businesses more productive and affluent than ever before? You’d think so, but the opposite is occurring. The work force is full of people who are overworked, burned out, stressed and less productive than they should be. If they unplugged, rested and allowed time to restore their energy, time spent at work would be more efficient. In addition, overwork puts people at risk for health problems. Diseases that are related to stress and lack of rest include: heart disease, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, allergies, accelerated aging, cancer and diabetes, to name a few.

Your number one New Year’s resolution should be: Take all your vacation days and “reset.”
Traveling is a great way to vacation because it takes you out of your everyday environment and gives you a fresh perspective. Go with a group of family or friends and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

Make your vacation as stress free as possible
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Make Vacation Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions