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Listen to Your “Inner Travel Bug”

Do you ever get the urge to just take off and go somewhere? When your daily routine has gotten a bit ho hum, do you just want to get away?

Psychology Today published an article that described how extended travel influenced personality development in a large sample of German college students. Afterward, the students were overall more extroverted, conscientious, and agreeable and more open to experience than students who didn’t travel.

It’s encouraging to know that the little travel bug that inspires you — even if it’s just to take a long weekend and go somewhere — has your well being in mind.

Traveling inspires a sense of adventure and excitement that is good for you. Of course, extended travel may leave an indelible mark of improvement on your overall personality traits. But if you can’t afford to take off work for extended periods of time, anyone can tell you how revitalizing even short vacations or weekend getaways can be.

With the holiday season coming up, many people look forward to some time off. Chartering a bus is a very economical way to go. Gather up a group of family or friends for a ski trip or some other excursion and rent a minibus. When a professional drives you, it’s even better. You can devote all your time to visiting, catching up and enjoying the beautiful landscape along the way. Charter buses are the greenest and also the safest type of road transportation in the nation.

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Listen to Your “Inner Travel Bug”