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Kelly Haws Has Won the Bus Rental Travel Essay Contest!

In August, sponsored a contest for students to write an essay about a travel related experience. The requirement was 700 to 1,000 words, and the winner would receive a $1,000 college scholarship. More than 100 students participated in the contest.

Kelly Haw’s essay captured our hearts as she described her travel to Zambia in 2017. Kelly pointed out that people often take trips for sightseeing purposes or out of a desire to explore the world. They frequently seek out the majesty of the Alaska’s northern lights or stand in awe of the Great Wall of China or Pyramids of Giza.

In fact, Kelly’s trip included a spectacular view of Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfalls, and its massive sheets of water cascading from great heights were truly impressive. However, it wasn’t the awe-inspiring landscape that left Kelly with the most lasting impression; it was the people.

Reading Kelly’s story, we couldn’t help but notice how her words brought her trip to life. Beyond her vivid descriptions, she also bore her soul and shared the fact that prior to her daring adventure, she had felt lost and ungrateful. Drawing on her mother’s wisdom, she explained that these emotions were a sign that she needed to do something for someone else. Based on this insight she planned her journey to Africa. Her journey would be an introspective and life changing endeavor.

Kelly traveled with a humanitarian group called Mothers Without Borders. Mothers without Borders had the mission of giving “hope to orphaned and vulnerable children by nurturing and caring for them as if they were their own.”

When traveling from Dubai to Lusaka Kelly described how she developed a sense of independence and ultimately she arrived at Livingstone. Through her eyes, we could see the newborn children and hear the orphans laugh despite their suffering, whether from hardship, abuse or disease. Yet more than anything else, there was love, and it transcended the many burdensome conditions. The program also brought children abundant hope. Those, who had so little, had found tremendous joy.

Kelly’s trip to Africa left an indelible mark, one that would shape her life’s goals and the career she planned to pursue. Her education became a necessary stepping-stone to securing the future; not only for herself but also for the people her life would touch.

Kelly is currently attending Utah State University, and she asked that we support her in her education.

With a story like this, how could we not?

Congratulations Kelly! It is with great honor and pleasure we give you the $1,000 along with the title of second round winner of the Bus Rental Scholarship Contest.






Kelly Haws Has Won the Bus Rental Travel Essay Contest!