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How Has Bus Travel Changed Since the Last Century?

Ask your parents or grandparents about bus charter travel when they were growing up. They’ll recall dirty old bus stations, worn looking buses, long rides in uncomfortable threadbare seats and unsavory looking characters that made the journey with you. There were no luxury bus options like we have today. If you wanted a luxury travel experience, you drove a Cadillac or flew by jet.

By comparison, 21st century bus travel in many places throughout the world has undergone an amazing transformation. An article in describes the agony a traveler was expecting during a bus trip in Argentina. Instead she acquired a seat in a sleeper section that transformed into a bed, where she also enjoyed a flat screen TV and food for the trip. She arrived well rested and full of energy.

U.S. bus charter companies provide the option of executive coaches that seat up to 12 people, have galley kitchens and comfortable sleeping accommodations. A number of buses have onboard bathrooms. Bus transportation has kept up with fast changing advances in technology. Many buses have flat screen monitors for playing DVDs and free Wi-FI or you can listen to your favorite CDs on their sound systems. Advanced suspension technology provides you with a smooth ride. Spacious luggage bays offer plenty of room for your baggage.

So, if your parents or grandparents grimace when you mention a bus trip, perhaps you need to bring them up to speed on today’s differences in motor coaches. Not only is bus travel pleasant, it is the safest and greenest form of road transportation in the country.

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How Has Bus Travel Changed Since the Last Century?