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How Group Travel Can Save You Money

Often travel is more than a day trip. And not every destination involves family or friends who provide a place for you to stay. When you travel with a large group you’re bound to need other accommodations anyway. But the good news is — from an economical standpoint group travel generally opens the door to discount prices.

You may have many options, lots of different prices and accommodations with varying amenities to choose from. You can get lost in a maze of possibilities as you try to figure out the best accommodation for your needs. A good starting place is to look for hotels that offer group discount rates.

Many hotels give discount rates for groups and you can also check into that online. The New York Times published an article with a section about hotels that explains the advantages of group travel and hotels with discount rates. Hotels can afford to reduce the price when you reserve a block of rooms. They often figure into their profits and budgets how many rooms they won’t be able to fill, and when a group reserves a block of rooms, that boosts their profits by filling rooms that otherwise may go unoccupied. To provide groups with incentives, they frequently offer specials.

Some bus companies offer hotel and travel packages, and it’s worth asking about. Today, package prices are ways the hospitality and travel industries come together to offer travelers good deals. The travel/accommodations package is a promotional item that saves you money. Companies that promote together garner more profits by partnering and then turn around and offer the traveler a greater incentive to go on a trip.

The same idea applies to bus travel. A group that rents a charter bus has specials they can take advantage of, and you should always ask about group rates and discounts.

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How Group Travel Can Save You Money