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Have a Fabulous Time at the Field Lacrosse Final Four—in a Charter Bus!!


If you’re a fan of field lacrosse, you know the real “final four” comes in May, when the best collegiate field lacrosse teams in the country vie for the National Championship in this thrill-a-minute sport. This year’s Division I Final Four will be in Foxboro, Massachusetts, at the home of the New England Patriots. The Division II and Division III championship games will be there, too. The action takes place on Memorial Day weekend, with the semi-finals on Saturday, and the men’s Division I final at 1 pm on Monday. Tickets are available through the NCAA’s website.

You’ll be on the outskirts of Boston for the Memorial Day weekend, with many historic sites nearby. What a great way to honor our troops and our country on this national holiday. But you don’t want to spend the weekend worrying about the details—how you’ll get to Gillette Stadium, or where you’ll park. And you don’t want to fight the traffic on Memorial Day weekend. There’s a better way—when you rent a charter bus from, you’ll be able to relax with friends and family while we do the driving.


Go to The Field Lacrosse Final Four on a Charter Bus—It’s How the Pros Go!

Though this will be the 47th annual Division I Championship tournament, the game is much older, with a storied history. Originally played by Native Americans—some historians believe as early at the 12th century—the sport formally organized and adopted most of the current rules just after the American Civil War. The first American collegiate lacrosse game was played in 1877, with New York University and Manhattan College on the field. Four years later, Harvard topped Princeton to win the first intercollegiate lacrosse championship. From 1936 until the creation of the field lacrosse national championship tournament in 1971, the annual national field lacrosse champion took home the Wingate Memorial Trophy, named after W. Wilson Wingate, a Baltimore sportswriter who had played and championed the sport.

The postseason tournament brings the top 16 teams from across the country. The top 17 teams will be announced on Sunday, May 7. The two lowest ranked teams will contest a play-in game on Wednesday, May 10, with the winner earning the final spot in the tournament. The following weekend, at locations yet to be determined, eight games will be played to determine who goes on to the quarterfinals. This year’s quarterfinals will be held at the University of Delaware and at Hofstra University on May 20 and May 21.

Since the inception of the field lacrosse national championship tournament, ten different schools have won a national title. Just seven unseeded teams have reached the final, including last year’s national champions, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Considered “the fastest sport on two feet,” lacrosse requires almost constant movement, as teams are penalized for failing to keep the action moving. The field is just longer than a football field (110 yards) and about the same width.  With 10 players on each team, including a goalie, the objective is to put a solid rubber ball into the opposing team’s net—an opening a mere six feet wide and six feet high.


Preparing for Your Trip to Foxboro

Part of the greater Boston area, Foxboro is located just a little over 20 miles southwest of the city center. It’s not a sleepy town, though. In addition to Foxboro Stadium, you’ll also find Patriot Place, a massive entertainment and shopping facility, as well as the Orpheum Theater, home to an annual Three Stooges film festival. It’s not a place you want to try to navigate on your own.

You’ll just be coming into the summer months in Massachusetts, so the temperatures can be anywhere from the low 50s to the low 80s. Field lacrosse games go on, rain or shine, unless there’s thunder and lightning, so it’s not a bad idea to bring some rain gear.


The Easy Way to Make It to the Final Four—On a Charter Bus!!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and you want to see some lacrosse. Don’t spend your time reading a map or trying to find a place to park. With a charter bus from

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You’re In the Final Four on a Charter Bus


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Have a Fabulous Time at the Field Lacrosse Final Four—in a Charter Bus!!