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Have a Safe and Spectacular Time at Savor—the National Craft Beer and Food Experience!!


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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

-Benjamin Franklin


If you love beer, there’s one place you’ll want to be the first weekend in June—in the nation’s capitol for the 10th annual Savor Festival. It’s not just a brew-fest, though. At the Savor and Grand Marketplace, you’ll have the opportunity to try small batch brews and popular favorites from 86 small and independent breweries from across the country, with more than 170 different beers on tap. But you’ll also have an almost unlimited number of small plate food options to perfectly pair with your favorite libation, from wild game to seafood and shellfish, from vegetarian fare to desserts and pastries.

Tickets have been on sale since mid-March and can be purchased at the Savor website.

Washington, D.C. is a maze at the best of times, and promises to be packed for Savor. You don’t want to travel all the way to the nation’s capitol and have to limit the number of beers you sample because you have to drive. With a charter bus rental from, you’ll be able to try that cucumber saison, that quadruple IPA, or that smoked sour ale and not worry about getting behind the wheel.


The Breweries

Many of the pioneers of the craft brewing industry, from Samuel Adams to Dogfish Head, from Flying Dog, Anchor and New Belgium with be there. But you’ll also get to try great ales and lagers from a number of smaller operations, such as Country Boy Brewing, from Georgetown, Kentucky; New Holland Brewing, in Holland, Michigan; Old Bust Head Brewing, in Vint Hill, Virginia; and Prison City Pub and Brewery, in Auburn, New York.


The Beers

There will be 172 craft beers being poured, in just about any style you can imagine. As you can expect, there will a number of IPAs from which to choose, including American IPAs, Double IPAs, Imperial IPAs and even a session IPA (if you are just discovering craft beer, a session beer has all the flavor of a great craft beer with less alcohol content, so you can have a few more without feeling the effects). There are a wide array of Belgian beers, from Dubbels, Tripels and Quadrupels, to Belgian Wits, Belgian Pale Ales, Belgian Fruit beers/Lambics, Oud Bruins and even something referred to as a “Belgian Table Beer.” If you love sour beers, you’ll find Goses, Berliner Weisse, Brett beers, fruited wood-aged sours, and plain wood-aged sours. Of course, there are saisons, stouts, porters, pale ales, pilseners and lagers. For the adventurous, there’s the rauchbier (with smoked hops), the Albino Stout, simply billed as an “experimental beer,” or Cultural Appropriation, labeled a “field beer.”


The Food

Savor also brings some of the most creative culinary artists to Washington, D.C. If you like some protein with your porter, you’ll be thrilled by the wide variety of choices. For red meat and wild game aficionados, there’ll be elk, roast lamb, braised oxtail and beef brisket. Pork lovers can choose from pork belly on a bun, carnitas tamal, roast pork loin, cotechino sausage with fava beans, or lomo (Spanish for tenderloin). If bird’s your bread and butter, you’ll be able to sample duck, pheasant, fried chicken, chicken curry salad or chicken shislik. Seafood fans will find halibut, bluefish, scallops, crab, monkfish, snapper and pastrami cured salmon. There’s plenty for vegetarians, from root vegetable panisse to morel mushrooms, from whipped ricotta and sweet potato marshmellows to chestnut fry bread. You can also have dessert with your brew—there’ll be pain perdu, blackberry pear crostada, panna cotta, malted chocolate mousse and olive oil cake.


The Simple Way to Enjoy Savor

Don’t turn a trip to the Savor craft beer festival into a lot of work. Let us handle all the details. With a charter bus from, you can have all the beers you want and we’ll get you where you need to go. Some of the other reasons to charter a bus include:

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Have a Super Time at Savor with a Charter Bus Rental!


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Have a Safe and Spectacular Time at Savor—the National Craft Beer and Food Experience!!