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Happy Independence Day from!

Celebrate the Birth of Our Nation in Style—On a Charter Bus

It’s the 4th of July—time for parades, picnics and pyrotechnics. On the day we celebrate our national independence, everyone at hopes that you and your loved ones have a safe, relaxing and fun-filled day. Whether you took a vacation day on Monday, or you’re just breaking up the work week with a day off, take the time to be with friends and family. It’s what the holiday is all about.

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The History of Independence Day

Independence Day finds its roots in the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson and others in 1776. Technically, the 13 colonies legally separated from England on July 2, 1776, when members of the Second Continental Congress approved Richard Henry Lee’s proposal to declare the fledgling nation independent of foreign rule. The proposed Declaration of Independence, however, was debated for two days before being ratified on July 4,1776. Though a number of the signatories, including Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, claimed that they signed the declaration that day, historians generally agree that the actual documents was signed at least a month later.

Americans began celebrating Independence Day the very next year, as parades, fireworks and speeches were all part of a celebration in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777. Five years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Massachusetts became the first of the 13 colonies to recognize July 4 as a state holiday. In 1870, Congress passed a law making July 4 an unpaid federal holiday. Nearly 70 years later, in 1938, Congress amended the law, making July 4 a paid holiday for all federal employees.

Some Great Ways to Spend the 4th of July

A lot of great traditions have grown around Independence Day—parades, festivals, fireworks displays. Here are some of the best:



Fourth of July Festivals

These festivals combine all the great things about our nation’s birthday, including fabulous food, parades, fireworks and other entertainment. In a poll conducted by USA Today, readers voted the Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration in Brunswick, Georgia, as the top festival in the country. Nestled along the Atlantic Ocean just south of Savannah, Brunswick hosts the annual festival, which features free watermelon and a 30 minute fireworks display over Oglethorpe Bay. The Bristol Fourth of July, in Bristol, Rhode Island, commemorates the oldest celebration of the Independence Day, first held on July 4, 1777. Bristol’s parade is also the oldest in the country.

Independence Day Parades

Floats and marching bands, politicians and military units—the stuff that 4th of July parades are made of! The nation’s largest is arguably in Philadelphia, where more than 5,000 participants and more than a hundred floats pass through the city’s historic streets. Santa Cruz, California boasts the world shortest parade, just two blocks long, though the parade is said to last a couple hours.

The Best Fireworks Shows

At the end of the day—literally—there’s nothing like a great fireworks display to light of your life—and the sky. The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks in New York City are considered by many to be the best and biggest, with nearly 60,000 fireworks and more than three million spectators. The pyrotechnics on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. are also something you want to see live at least once in your lifetime—sources say nearly three quarters of a million people travel to the nation’s capital every year just to catch the fireworks. If you like music to accompany the light show in the sky, the Boston Pops Orchestra annually backs up one of the world’s largest fireworks displays.


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Happy Fourth of July from!


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Happy Independence Day from!