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Your Guide to a Great Time along the Eastern Shore of Virginia

The Virginia Coast and Colonial Williamsburg on a Charter Bus

Every now and then, you need to get away from the hustle and bustle. That’s a great time to check out the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Take a stroll along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, check out one of the local wineries or enjoy fresh ocean catch at one of the many great seafood restaurants along the coast. While you’re there, head over to Colonial Williamsburg, where you can see how our ancestors lived during the American Revolution.

But the whole idea is to relax. You can’t do that if you have to navigate everything yourself. There’s a better way. With a charter bus rental from , you get to be on vacation. Sit back, enjoy everything the Virginia coastline has to offer and let us handle the details.

A Charter Bus Rental—Cruise the Virginia Coastline in Comfort and Luxury

When you’re headed to Virginia Beach and Colonial Williamsburg with a group, there’s simply no other mode of transportation with all the benefits of a charter bus.

  • Charter buses offer unmatched flexibility—You won’t have to pick from a handful of fixed itineraries. With a charter bus rental, you decide where you want to travel, when you want to be there and how long you want to stay. We’ll handle all the details.
  • You’ll be safe and secure on a charter bus—On a charter bus, you’re riding with a trained and skilled professional at the wheel. In addition, the limited access to a charter bus makes it easy to monitor comings and goings. You and your personal items will be safe and secure.
  • Charter bus travel is totally stress-free—With other forms of group travel, someone has to take the lead, keeping track of all the participants, confirming directions, finding parking and keeping an eye on the clock. With a charter bus, you can let somebody else worry about all those things. You won’t have concerns about missed connections or lost luggage. You’ll ride on the same coach for the entire trip and your personal items will always be with you. There’s no security checkpoint, so you won’t have to wait in a long line, take off your shoes or submit to a full body scan. You can bring your personal toiletries, and you can keep your phone on at all times!
  • There’s less risk of delay or cancellation with a charter bus—Four of every ten airline passengers will arrive late today—that’s about 850,000 people. Charter buses are less susceptible to delays and cancellations. The extensive network of charter bus service providers makes it easier to find a replacement coach, should there be mechanical challenges. In addition, the drivers have the technology and resources to identify alternative routes, should there be traffic problems.
  • Charter buses offer unparalleled comfort—There’s no other mode of transportation that offers the luxury and convenience found on a charter bus. There’s no middle seat, so you won’t be bumping elbows with your neighbor. You’ll have more leg room than you’ll find with any other type of travel. The aisles are wide and you’ll always be able to get up and move at your leisure.
  • Charter buses are economical—When you share the road with a group of friends, it reduces the cost of your travel. You can bring back some great souvenirs from Virginia Beach and Colonial Williamsburg with the dollars you save.
  • Charter buses are good for the environment—When you put your group on the same coach, it reduces the number of vehicle on the road and that reduces the carbon emissions. That’s good for the planet.

At, we have worked closely with groups and group leaders to effectively meet their ground transportation needs for more than 30 years. For a free quote on a charter bus trip to Virginia Beach and Colonial Williamsburg, check out our online cost calculator. To learn more about how we can help meet your group travel needs, call us at 1-866-569-2012 to speak with an experienced agent.

Relax Along the Eastern Shore of Virginia

If you’ve never been along the Eastern Shore of Virginia, be careful…you may not want to return. It’s a place of untamed and unmatched natural beauty, from the beaches to the wetlands to the boardwalk to the wildlife refuges. There’s championship golf, outstanding wineries and some of the best seafood restaurants along the Eastern seaboard.

  • The beaches—Along the Eastern Shore, you can enjoy a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or take a swim in the Chesapeake Bay. Most of the beaches are free—only the State Park and the National Seashore have admission fees. Among the most popular are the Barrier Islands, Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve, Cape Charles Beach, Tangier Island and the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.
  • The Virginia Beach Boardwalk—Don’t think for a minute that New Jersey has cornered the market on boardwalks. The boardwalk in Virginia Beach extends three miles, running from 2nd Street to 40th. You’ll find a wide assortment of restaurants and shops along the entire span. You can rent a surrey, strap on your inline skates, hop on your bike or just take a leisurely walk along the path. Stop at one the four oceanfront stages to see if there’s live music.
  • The wildlife refuges—The Eastern Shore is an important staging area for more than 400 species of migratory waterfowl and other birds, including songbirds and raptors. It’s also home to a wide range of protected mammals, shrubs and maritime forest. There’s no charge to visit the refuges.
  • Great places to eat—With the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay just a stone’s throw away, the Eastern Shore offers nearly endless opportunities for seafood. That includes raw bars, clam bars, oyster bars, shrimp and crab houses, and lobster kitchens. You’ll also find great food trucks, delis, pizza joints, coffee shops and steakhouses.

Step Back in Time in Colonial Williamsburg

For a completely different experience, but one you don’t want to miss, head an hour or so northwest from the Virginia Beach area to Colonial Willliamsburg. It’s a living history museum featuring dozens of restored structures from the time of the American Revolutionary War, as well as homes and buildings recreated in the colonial style. Colonial Williamsburg features “historical reenactors,” people dressed in period attire who demonstrate many of the trades and tasks of daily life in the late 18th century.

While there are fees for entering some of the historic buildings or attending some of the arts and crafts demonstrations, you can walk about Colonial Williamsburg free of charge any time of the day. In addition to presentations on colonial arts and crafts, Colonial Williamsburg also features reenactments of the British occupation, as well as visits from dignitaries of the period, including General George Washington.

We’ll Help You Find the Ideal Coach for Your Group

When you’re taking a bunch of folks to VA Beach, choosing a charter bus rental is only the first step. Just as important—making certain you have the right bus for you and your companions. You want a coach that offers plenty of room, so that your participants are comfortable. You also want to make certain that it offers the features your people need.

At, because we have long-term relationships with a large network of charter bus service providers, we have access to a vast fleet of vehicles. Among the most popular options are:

  • The mini-bus—This coach is perfect for groups of 24 to 35, with plenty of room for luggage and personal items.
  • The full-sized bus–If you’re bringing a big group of fans, this will meet all your needs, with seating for up to 57 people. Don’t worry if you have a really large group. Multiple bus rentals are always an option.

Most charter buses come with many modern conveniences as standard features, including Wifi, charging ports, PA and stereo systems, and DVD players. Some have additional option, such as on-board bathroom facilities. The amenities vary from bus to bus, so check with your booking agent to learn what features are available.

Visit the Eastern Shore for Any Reason

The many benefits of a charter bus make it an outstanding option for any type of travel:

  • Family gatherings—A charter bus offers a safe and relaxing way to get family members to any type of event, whether it’s a reunion, graduation party, wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement party or birthday/anniversary celebration.
  • Corporate and business events—Your employees will travel in comfort and security on a charter bus. It’s a great way to get people to and from a conference, convention, business meeting, team-building exercise or company party.
  • School travel—When you’re responsible for the safe travel of students, faculty and staff, there’s no better option than a charter bus. It’s well-suited for athletic team travel, club or class trips, and arts and cultural excursions.
  • Church outings—When you use a charter bus for mission trips, community volunteer work and church group events, you can build fellowship while you travel.
  • Concerts, games and other special events—One of the best ways to make a big game or concert even more fun—enjoy it with a busload of fellow fans.

Book Your Charter Bus Trip to Coastal Virginia and Colonial Williamsburg Today has been an industry leader and innovator in the charter bus business for over 30 years, handling more than 20,000 trips every year. To learn more about your options or to get a free quote on a tour to the Eastern Shore and Colonial Williamsburg, call 1-866-569-2012 to talk to one of our experienced agents or use our convenient online cost calculator.

Your Guide to a Great Time along the Eastern Shore of Virginia