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Get Ready for a Great Trip to Los Angeles

Your Guide to a Charter Bus Rental to the City of Angels

With more than 13 million people in a city that stretches over more than 500 square miles, Los Angeles is unlike anywhere on earth. There’s a reason it’s known as the “entertainment capital of the world.” You want to see, hear, taste or experience just about anything, you can do it here, from sports to music to great food, art, theater and amazing people-watching.

There’s one thing you don’t want to do in L.A., though. You don’t want to get behind the wheel. There’s a better way to enjoy one of the world’s great cities—in the comfort and luxury of a charter bus from

A Charter Bus—The Way the Pros Visit L.A.

When you’re planning a group excursion to a city like Los Angeles, there are a lot of important decisions to make. Perhaps the most important, though, is your choice of transportation. If there are problems getting there and back, participants may forget how much fun they had in the city. Here are some of the reasons to consider a charter bus:

  • Unmatched flexibility—With a charter bus, you won’t have to select from a handful of prepackaged itineraries. Instead, you decide when you’ll travel, where you’ll go, what you’ll see and how long you’ll stay. In many cases, you can make last-minute or real-time changes to your schedule without a problem.
  • Reliability—Delays and cancellations are fairly common with other modes of travel. More than 800,000 air travelers are late to a destination every day. That doesn’t happen with a charter bus. Your driver has the tools and technology to anticipate traffic problems and find alternate routes to get you to your destination on time. In addition, our access to a huge nationwide fleet of vehicles makes it easy for us to find a replacement vehicle if you encounter mechanical problems.
  • Safety and security—On a charter bus, you have an experienced and highly-trained professional at the helm at all times. There’s also only one way on and off the bus, so it’s easy to monitor access. You won’t have unwanted guests and you and your personal items will be safe and secure.
  • It’s the most hassle-free way to travel—With a charter bus, you just get on the bus and go. You won’t have to worry about checking the map or GPS, looking for parking, or watching the clock. Your driver will handle all those details. You won’t have to stand in a long line, take off your shoes or empty your pockets—there’s no TSA security checkpoint. No worries, either, about missing a connection or losing your luggage. You’ll be on the same bus for the entire trip and your bags will travel with you. Your phone won’t interfere with navigational systems, so you can stay online at all times.
  • Comfort and luxury—The seats on a charter bus are wide and there’s no middle one. You’ll also have more leg room than on any mode of transportation. You’ll love the spacious aisles, too—you can get up and move about at your leisure.
  • Access to HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes—That’s a huge bonus in a city like L.A.
  • Affordability—On a charter bus, you’ll share many of the costs of transportation. With the money you save, you can have a little more fun in Los Angeles.
  • Environmental impact—You’ll have a positive effect on the planet. When you travel together, it reduces the number of private vehicles on the roads, and lowers emissions.

You’ll Love L.A.—Here’s Why

In Los Angeles, there are endless ways to be entertained:

  • Join the crowd at a game—With two teams in each of the four major sports, there’s a good chance someone will be in town when you’re there. The Clippers and the Lakers of the NBA, the Kings and Mighty Ducks of the NHL, the Dodgers and Angels in Major League Baseball and the Rams and recently-returned Chargers in the NFL.
  • Listen to the music—L.A. has literally thousands of places you can hear live music, from small neighborhood clubs to the famed Hollywood Bowl. Check the schedule at the Troubadour, where many world-famous musicians played in their salad days. The Roxy, the Fonda and the Arc Melrose are also among the top small venues in town. The Staples Center and the Gibson Amphitheatre are popular large venues, and there are often concerts at Dodger Stadium and Banc of California Stadium. If you’re interested in the story behind the music, you can also tour some of the famous recording studios.
  • Shop until you drop—As a shopper, you can’t make a trip to Los Angeles without a visit to Century City and Rodeo Drive. It’s part of a 16 square block mecca of boutiques, high-end shops and emporiums. You’ll find every world-famous retailer here, as well as some you’ve never encountered. Other centers for retail therapy include the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica; the Grove, in the heart of the Fairfax section of town; the legendary Sunset Strip and Melrose Avenue. For bargain hunting with a beachfront view, head over to Venice Beach.
  • Taste some of the city’s iconic foods—With more than 26,000 restaurants serving cuisine from more than 100 different countries, you’ll be able to get just about anything here. But here are some of the things you can only get in LA:
    • The French Dip, at Philippe The Original—There are many French dips in L.A., but this is the legend.
    • The Bone Marrow Pie, at Chi Spacca—Beef, bone marrow, butter and crust. This is food for the truly adventurous.
    • The pescado zarandeado, at Coni’ Seafood—This seafood delicacy, featuring butterflied and grilled Caribbean game fish, is a tradition in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.
    • Smoked salmon pizza, at Spago—With a garnish of red onion and dill crème fraiche, this was the pie that launched the California pizza revolution.
    • The Hickory Burger, at the Apple Pan—It’s one of only two burgers on the menu. The restaurant is old school, accepting only cash and serving everything on paper.
    • The #19 at Langer’s Delicatessen—It’s pastrami on rye with Swiss and coleslaw, but it’s unlike anything you’ll have anywhere else.
  • Enjoy world-class museums—The city has museums to interest every taste, from the California Science Center and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum to the Petersen Automotive and the Natural History Museum. Patrons of the visual arts will enjoy the Broad, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the world-renowned Getty Center.

A Charter Bus—Ideal for Any Adventure in Los Angeles

A charter bus is an excellent option for any type of travel to the City of Angels:

  • Large entertainment events—There’s no city that offers as many big entertainment opportunities as LA. Whether you’re going to a big game, a concert, a Broadway show, a festival or a rally, a charter bus lets you enjoy the entire trip. No worries about parking and finding the venue—we’ll drop you off and pick you up at the front door.
  • Business or corporate outings—Take your employees to a convention, conference, team-building exercise, training session, business meeting or company celebration. You’ll be able to use the travel time productively, briefing or debriefing workers or building esprit de corps.
  • Family gatherings—There’s no better way to get family members to and from a wedding, reunion, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bar mitzvah, graduation party, birthday, anniversary or retirement celebration. Catch up with loved ones while you ride.
  • School trips—You’ll appreciate the safety and accountability that a charter bus offers, particularly when you’re taking a group of students somewhere. You’ll all ride together, so it’ll be easy to track of everyone. It’s a smart choice for athletic team competition, club or class trips, volunteer efforts, and arts/cultural outings.
  • Church outreach—A charter bus helps build fellowship, whether you’re on a mission trip, community volunteer project, choir tour or youth group outing.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Coach for Your Trip to Tinseltown

A charter bus makes perfect sense for any type of outing to Los Angeles. You’ll want to work closely with your booking agent, though, to make certain you have a bus that meets the needs of your group. You want a coach with plenty of room, so that your guests are comfortable, but you don’t want wasted space. You also want to know that you’ll have the amenities you need.

At, we have access to a vast network of charter bus service providers nationwide. We’ll look at the details of your trip—how many are going, how long you’ll be on the bus, what you’ll need to bring. Then we’ll work closely with our vendors to find the coach that’s best suited for your group.

If you’re visiting L.A. with a mid-sized group, you’ll want to book a mini-bus. It seats 24 to 35 and has plenty of space for personal items. Larger groups will want a full-sized bus, with accommodations for up to 57. Of course, multiple bus rentals are always an option.

Most charter buses come with a number of modern conveniences as standard features. You can expect Wifi, stereo/PA systems, charging stations for your devices, and DVD players. On-board bathrooms and other options are also available on some coaches. Check with your booking agent to learn the possibilities.

Make Your Reservation Today for a Charter Bus Excursion to LA

At, we have helped groups and group leaders find effective transportation solutions for more than three decades. To get a free estimate on the cost of a charter bus trip to the entertainment capital of the world, go to our user-friendly online cost calculator. For more information about the ways we can help you with group travel, call 1-866-569-2012 to speak with an experienced travel consultant.

Get Ready for a Great Trip to Los Angeles