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Gear Up for Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Hispanic Culture in America the Fun and Safe Way—On a Charter Bus!

Tequila…Tex-Mex food…mariachi bands…Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner!! It’s a holiday rich with Mexican history and pride, commemorating that day over 150 years ago when a vastly outnumbered Mexican army rose up and defeated French invaders at the Battle of Puebla. Today it’s celebrated with parades, festivals and even reenactments of the historic battle. Most of all, though, it’s an opportunity for everyone to honor the rich cultural heritage of our neighbors south of the border. There are big events planned in cities across the nation, from Phoenix  to St. Paul, from Miami to Chicago, from Seattle to New York City. You don’t need to “habla Espanol” to join in the revelry, either.

But if you want to have a great time, you don’t want to spend the holiday buried in a map, fighting traffic or looking for a place to park. And you don’t want to have to pass on the tequila because you have to drive. With a charter bus from, you’ll have your own designated driver, and you’ll be able to let your hair down and join in all the fun.

The History of Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de May, or “the 5th of May,” celebrates one of the most unlikely military victories in history, when a ragtag army of about 4,500 Mexican soldiers held off more than 6,500 French troops on May 5, 1862. According to historical sources, the Mexicans had only 201 casualties, while the French had nearly 500 killed and another 300 wounded. When Mexican miners in Columbia, California heard the news of their compatriot’s bravery, they reportedly sang patriotic songs and fired their guns. The holiday has been celebrated in California ever since, though it’s only recently become a cause for celebration in Mexico. Historians say Cinco de Mayo started to gain national notoriety along with the Chicano Movement of the 1940s, primarily due to the influence of Cesar Chavez. In 2005, the U.S. Congress jointly called for a proclamation to observe Cinco de Mayo, with all appropriate ceremonies. It’s now recognized throughout the country, with Mexican music, dance, food and music all part of most celebrations.


Check Out These Great Parties on Cinco de Mayo

For the first 100 years of its existence, Cinco de Mayo was mostly celebrated in southern cities and places near the Mexican border, but it’s now a national affair. Here are just a few of the municipalities across the nation where you’ll find fun things to do this year:

  • Los Angeles—The City of Angels offers festivals throughout the city, some starting as early as April 30. Restaurants and bars across the city will be offering great food and libations. Try the clam and lardo tacos at B.S. Taqueria or the cured beef and chile de arbol salsa from the Tacos Cuernavaca food truck. Locals say the spiced daisy margarita at Las Perlas is the best anywhere. You can also learn more about the Hispanic presence in L.A. with a stroll through El  Pueblo de Los Angeles.
  • Paul—Yes, that’s in Minnesota. The St. Paul celebration is one of the most popular and well-attended in the country. Starting with a parade on Saturday, May 5, the Twin Cities celebration is very family friendly, with a “community village” that features an authentic placita market, a “Car, Truck and Bike Show,” and the “Sports Zone,” where professional athletes meet and greet visitors. Popular local homestyle Mexican restaurant Homi offers an amazing dinner buffet every year. Most Minnesotans consider the Bullfighter at La Cucaracha to be the best margarita in town.
  • Phoenix—The nation’s 5th largest city will be throwing an extra-special party this year to celebrate 25 years of Cinco de Mayo in America’s Urban Heart. There’ll be entertainment from El Chicano, Latin Breed and Terra, lots of prizes (including vacations and electronics) from a wide array of vendors and sponsors, and plenty of authentic Tex-Mex and southwestern food and drink. There are a number of festivals spread throughout the city, from the El Mirage Fiesta in Gentry Park and the Avondale Festival along Western Avenue to the official city of Phoenix Cinco de Mayo Festival downtown on Washington Avenue near CityScape. Check out the Tamale Store or Sierra Bonita Grill for some of the best Tex-Mex in the desert, or the prickly pear margarita at Gallo Blanco for something unique to Phoenix.
  • San Diego—This city at the southern tip of California puts on a three day festival, the Old Town Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, and it’s all free. There’s live music every day, an automobile showcase, Lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) matches, stagecoach rides and lots of beverage and food specials at establishments throughout Old Town.

A Charter Bus—The Best Way to Enjoy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is one big party, so regardless of where you go, there will be lots of people. You don’t want the hassle of trying to navigate the mass of cars, and you certainly don’t want to pass on the fun because you’ll be driving yourself home.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ve discovered that there’s simply no better way to get to and from your Cinco de Mayo celebration than in the comfort and convenience of a charter bus. Consider many of the great benefits of renting a charter bus from

  • It’s the safest and securest way to travel—According to research, traveling by charter bus is safer than any other mode of ground transportation. It’s no surprise to us—after all, we hire only the best drivers and we ensure that they get the best training in the world. They’re well-equipped to respond safely to any situation. In addition, there’s limited access to all our coaches, making it easy for us to keep an eye on who’s coming and going, so you and your personal belongings are always secure.
  • A charter bus trip is always one of a kind—When you book a charter, the only limitation (in most instances) is your imagination. You decide where you want to go, when you want to be there, how long you want to stay and when you want to return—we’ll make it happen. Because of our access to a vast fleet of coaches, we can often incorporate last minute changes or even book an entire trip with relatively little notice.
  • A charter bus lets you enjoy the trip—Put on your party hat, because a charter bus is the most hands-free, worry-free way to travel. We’ll do the driving and keep track of the time, so that you get where you want to be when you want to be there. Because you’ll ride on the same coach for the entire trip, and because your stuff will always be with you, you won’t have any concerns about missed connections or lost luggage. And there’s no TSA line for a charter bus—keep your shoes on and bring all the shampoo (or adult beverages) you want to have. You won’t have to turn your phone off, either, or put in on “bus mode.” You can stay connected the whole trip.
  • There’s no more reliable form of transportation—We have a strong commitment to regular maintenance for our buses, so there’s virtually no risk of breakdown, delay or cancellation. We will always get you there on time.
  • You won’t feel crammed in for the ride—All our coaches have lots of leg room between the seats and the aisles are wide. Even better, you can usually get up whenever you want, to just stretch your legs or hang out with friends.
  • A charter bus is the most cost-effective way to travel—For a large group, there’s no more economical way to get there and back than on a charter bus. With the money you save on travel, you can have more fun at the Cinco de Mayo celebration!
  • Charter buses are eco-friendly—When you bring a group of folks together on a bus, it’s fewer vehicles on the road, and that helps the planet.

Large or Small—We Have the Right Coach for Your Crew

At, we’re the largest provider of charter coach services in the country, with access to an unparalleled fleet of vehicles. Whether you’re hitting Cinco de Mayo with a close group of friends or family, or you’re taking a bunch of folks to the party, we have the right bus to meet all your needs. For groups of 12 or less, our Executive Sprinter Vans have comfy seating and ample room for luggage and souvenirs. If your group is a bit bigger, consider our Mini-Van, with accommodations for 24 to 35 partygoers. But there’s really no limit to the size of the group you can bring—our largest coaches hold up to 57 people and multiple bus rentals are always an option. We also have party buses, designed specifically for just such an event—they all come with a state-of-the-art sound system, and some have a bar and a dance floor!

We offer a wide range of modern amenities, so it’s important to ask your agent what amenities are available. You’ll find Wifi, DVD players and PA systems, as well as ports and charging stations for your devices on most coaches, and some provide on-board restroom facilities.

Book Your Charter Bus for Cinco de Mayo

At, we’ve been the industry leader in the charter bus business for more than three decades, providing quality coaches to more than 21,000 events each year. To learn more about the different coaches in our fleet or to get a free quote, call 1-888-502-3458 today to talk to one of our experienced agents.


Gear Up for Cinco de Mayo