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Five of the Strangest Things People Celebrate in the Summer

Take a Charter Bus to One of These Bizarre Festivals

The winter months can take their toll—it’s dark when you get up and dark when you go to sleep. For many, the cabin fever that comes from hunkering down for the winter seems to require a cathartic need to do something really strange, silly or just plain bizarre when summer rolls around. How else do you explain some to the truly weird celebrations that take place across the United States when the days get long. There’s the Roadkill Cook-Off, in Marlinton, West Virginia, where farm-to-table gives way to “road to table.” In Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, they gather every summer to who can heave a cow pie further than anyone else—there’s also food and craft beer at the festival. In the Florida Keys, musicians don scuba year and take their axes in the ocean, participating in the Underwater Music Festival.

That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though. Here are five of the most unusual ways you’ll see folks have fun this summer:

The National Hollerin’ Contest, in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina—If you know anyone with a particularly big mouth, here’s where they can shine. Organizers started this event back in 1969 to try to preserve a tradition in the hills of Appalachia—the lost art of “hollerin’,” which they say was a popular form of communication before the invention of the telephone. The event almost ended in 2016, but former junior Hollerin’ Contest winner Robby Goodman stepped in and gave it a new face. It’s now known as the World Wide Hollerin’ Festival. The festival now features a barbeque competition and plenty of live mountain music.

The Roswell UFO Festival, in Roswell, New Mexico—July 6-8, 2018—Legend has it that, in 1947, an “unidentified flying object crashed on a ranch just outside of Roswell, with extraterrestrial occupants of the “flying disc” captured by the U.S. military. Every summer, thousands of people gather in Roswell to see where the alleged UFO landed, to speculate on exactly what happened and to generally have a good time. While the UFO Festival is going, you can expect to see aliens around just about every corner, or else someone donning a tin-foil hat. There are a wide range of events sponsored as part of the festival, including lectures from well-known authors, an alien costume contest, a tour of the UFO crash site, a car show and even a 10k race.

The Tomato Art Festival, in East Nashville—August 10-11, 2018—This edible art festival kicked off in 2004 and keeps growing in popularity every year. Organizers take their tomatoes and their festival seriously—there are a number of contests, including a Bloody Mary competition, the “biggest-littlest-ugliest” tomato contest, a tomato haiku competition and a tomato fairy/elf contest. There are a number of juried “tomato art” shows, a parade with tomato-themed floats, bobbing for tomatoes, a tomato toss and a giant ice cream social featuring, you guessed it, tomato-flavored ice cream.

The Great Texas Mosquito FestivalJuly 26-28, 2018—In late July, when the mosquitoes in Clute, Texas, 55 miles southeast of Houston, are at their peak, the city will sponsor its 38th annual tribute to the pesky bug. There’s a barbeque and fajita cookoff, a cornhole contest, washer pitching and one of the most unusual events you’ll find anywhere—the annual mosquito calling contest. There are no rules—you can use any means to call a skeeter. Winners say the judges rarely look to see if any mosquitoes actually heeded your call—the winners are determined based on style and energy.

Burning ManAugust 26-September 3, 2018—The folks that organize this annual event, held each of the last three years in Black Rock Desert in northwest Nevada, insist that it’s not a festival, it’s a “community.” It’s usually held over the course of a week, culminating on Labor Day. It’s a cashless society inside Burning Man—everything is bartered or traded. There are no trashcans, either—you have to take out everything that you bring in or use. The participants—nearly 70,000 last year—erect a temporary city with materials brought into the site and taken out when the event is done. The participants also build a giant wooden structure, a sort of totem, which gets set ablaze on the night before the event ends. Many participants adopt alter egos for the entire week, taking on assumed names. Organizers call it seven days of radical self-reliance and radical self-expression, with lots of body painting, bizarre clothing (and many clothing optional participants).

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Five of the Strangest Things People Celebrate in the Summer