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Exciting Bachelor Party Ideas for Fall on the East Coast

Clearly, bachelor parties have become the American right of passage to marriage. You blow off all the stops on a wild night out with the guys before tying the proverbial knot. So, how to make this night memorable? You just need one great idea that appeals to the groom and his entourage. Here are a few to consider.


Hit the Casinos and Bars

Atlantic City is the East Coast’s equivalent for Las Vegas. Lots of drinking, wild gambling, sexy women and an all night event are made to order for a bachelor party. Sports bars, whiskey bars, oyster bars and casinos await you. If you were thinking Taj Mahal, you’ll have to book fast and arrive before October 10 because that’s the date it closes its casinos and hotel operations.

Go on a Skydiving Adventure

When you’re in the “eat, drink and be merry” mood toward the end of single life, skydiving is an adventure that’s right up your alley. You’re in for a thrill that will definitely snap you out of a daily routine. Freefalling pulls you right into the present moment, with an adrenaline rush that leaves all life’s stresses behind. You and your buddies will most certainly share a bond through this once-in-a-lifetime plunge.


Play Paintball Followed by an Awesome Meal and Round of Shots

Paintball is the perfect testosterone moment for any bachelor, and while you’ll never tell the groom, his team gets to win. Liberty Paintball in Patterson, NY is about an hour’s drive outside NYC, has 17 fields on 350 acres and is perfect for private parties. After everyone is covered in paint, you can clean up and drive into the Big Apple for an awesome meal. Top off the night by hitting the bars for rounds of your favorite shots.

Getting Around

A party bus is definitely the way to go for bachelor parties. You’re choosing the safest mode of transportation in the country, have a bar at your disposal and can party the whole time. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Exciting Bachelor Party Ideas for Fall on the East Coast