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Everybody Likes to Sing on a Bus!!

Friends and Family…the Open Road…All Your Favorite Tunes

When you’re out on that Long and Winding Road with your best buds…if it’s time for you to Hit the Road, Jack… or if, baby, you were just Born to Run…there’s little that’s more fun on a bus trip anywhere than belting out your favorite songs. A sing-along can be even better when you’re meeting new folks on a bus trip…there’s no better way to break the ice and kindle some friendships than to share some of your favorite songs. And it seems like everybody had a favorite song, often one that reminds them of another great trip they took. Here are some that former patrons have told us will get them out of their seats and singing.


The Classic Songs

There are great bus songs that may or may not have anything to do with being on the road..they’re just cool songs to sing with a bunch of other people. Here are some of the ones we’ve heard the most.


  • Sloop John B—The ultimate party song, with a hook that you’ll hum for days—”I feel so broke up, I wanna go home.” But you won’t—wanna go home, that is.
  • Jesse’s Girl—Find a guy who hasn’t wanted Jesse’s’s the ultimate peon to unrequited love, and a rockin’ tune as well.
  • We Didn’t Start The Fire—An infectious rhythm…and a lot of words…half the fun is trying to get the lyrics right. But you gotta love a song that has Peyton Place, Panmunjon, Boris Pasternak, and payola in it.


  • Born To Be Wild—This song’ll “get your motor runnin’,” as you head out on the highway…air guitar is mandatory on Steppenwolf’s ode to the open road.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody—Channel your best Wayne and Garth for this one…you won’t be just a poor boy from a poor family…
  • Friends in Low Places—We all have friends in low places, and they’re usually the folks we want to hang out with on a bus! Garth know something about good times
  • Brown-Eyed Girl—Do you remember when we used to sing? Of course you do…belt it out with Van– “bip bop bip bop bip bop bip bop bip bop be bop de bop!” (just like that)
  • Margaritaville—A little tequila, a lime and Jimmy Buffett—no better way to get in a vacation state of mind


  • We Will Rock You—Another Queen classic, this one will have everyone pounding their feet to its pulsing beat.
  • Doo Wah Diddy—Everybody knows…and loves…this Manfred Mann ditty. It’s perfect for a little competitive call and response from opposite sides of the bus…I’m hers, she’s mine, I’m hers, she’s mine…
  • Barbara Ann—You don’t really need to know more than one verse to croon this one for a while…Barb-Barb-Barb, Barb-Barba-Ran!!!
  • YMCA—Wherever two or more people are gathered…someone will break out into YMCA. Careful with the hand movements on the bus, though—don’t want to poke your pal in the eye.


The Road Songs

Of course, there are some tunes that just make you think of the open road:

  • King of the Road—Roger Miller’s testimonial to a life of leisure on the open road
  • On The Road Again—Willie Nelson’s memorial to the joys of “makin’ music with my friends”
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads—A good one for the ride home, but a great song to sing anytime
  • City of New Orleans—Steve Goodman captures the feeling of crossing America—on a train, but it’s a familiar feeling on a bus.


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Everybody Likes to Sing on a Bus!!