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Do You Need a Reason to Travel?


“Traveling — it offers you a hundred roads to adventure, and gives your heart wings.”Ibn Battuta

We all get into ruts, whether we’re immersed in long work hours, raising families or have locked ourselves indoors during cold winter months. Breaking your ordinary routine helps spice up your life. And travel is a great way to do that.

According to a Huffington Post article, travel can be a source of happiness.

Marilyn Tam, author of The Happiness Choice said in an email to the Huffington Post, “Travel expands our capacity for wonder, joy and appreciation of the amazing diversity on our lovely planet. It makes me very happy indeed.”

Keith Jenkins, author of travel blog Velvet Escape writes, “Travel is the perfect catalyst for happiness…”

Reasons to travel include:

  • Encountering happy people during your trip
  • Realizing how much you appreciate your family and home because “distance makes the heart grow fonder”
  • Making new friends on the road though people looking for social interaction
  • Overcoming travel challenges, which boosts your confidence
  • A chance to “unplug” from your computer and social media
  • Creating moments for yourself to let go of stress and find peace of mind
  • Learning new things
  • Getting outdoors to enjoy some sunshine (Vitamin D)
  • Telling your “old” stories to new friends
  • Collecting new experiences and memories that make you smile

Affordable Travel

Many people today realize that bus charter is one of the most affordable and group friendly ways to go. It’s less expensive than flying or driving by car. Bus travel is also the greenest form of U.S. transportation, which helps support efforts to save the environment.

Take a long weekend with family and friends. Go somewhere fun and raise your happiness level a few notches. You deserve it!

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Do You Need a Reason to Travel?