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Different Planning for Overnight Bus Trips

You’re wise to plan a little differently when taking an overnight bus trip. “Comfort” is the watchword for overnight travel and packing in practical ways can make your journey much more pleasant.

A USA Today article recommends that you pack a sweater, wrap or blanket in case of air conditioning that’s too chilly or insufficient heat. Also pack a small pillow so you can get comfortable enough to sleep.
Other items to take include:

Bottled water. If you get thirsty, you’ll be glad you brought a water bottle which you can refill during stops. Much like airplane travel, you can become dehydrated when traveling by bus.

Snacks. While you can buy snacks during stops, you may get hungry along the way. Bring snacks that aren’t messy and come in individually wrapped packages, such as granola bars, wrapped sandwiches, packages of nuts or crackers, string cheese or fresh fruit and dried fruit.

Hand wipes and tissues. Hand wipes can save a trip to the restroom to wash your hands and so can tissues, which you can also use as a napkin or in case you sneeze and get the sniffles.

Head phones or ear plugs. You may have trouble sleeping due to noise on the bus. You can either listen to your ipod to drown outside noise or use ear plugs

Things for entertainment. Books, magazines, laptops or DVD players can be wonderful if you get bored or find you can’t sleep.

Plan Your Overnight Trip Today

Booking your trip is easy. Reserve a bus charter online or call 1.888.502.3458. Also ask about available discounts.

Different Planning for Overnight Bus Trips