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Comic Con NYC 2017—The Acme of Awesomeness!!

The 12th Annual NYCC is Bigger and Better than Ever!!

Travel to Comic Con in Style—in the Comfort and Luxury of a Charter Bus

It’s billed as Comic Con, but it’s so much more—sure, there will be an unbelievable collection of comics and publishers there, but it’s a multi-genre event, with graphic novels, manga, video games, toys, movies and TV shows. The New York Anime Festival runs concurrent with Comic Con and there’ll be a number of special guest there, from Rickie Whittle, Pablo Schreiber and Yetide Badaki to Mark Hamill and even William Shatner. It’s nerd culture on steroids…and you don’t want to miss it.

Comic Con NYC 2017 is at the Javits Center and runs October 5-8. This is New York City and last year’s convention had more than 180,000 attendees. You don’t want to have your head buried in a map or checking out your GPS…and you sure don’t want to try to find a place to park. Get your friends together and rent a charter bus from—it’s the only way to really enjoy Comic Con NYC.



Want to Have the Best Comic Con NYC Experience Ever? Here’s How

Whether it’s your first adventure at NYCC or you’re an old pro, there are ways that you can maximize the experience, so that it’ll be one you never forget. Here are some ways to make NYCC 2017 memorable:

  • Plan your own unique Comic Con with My Show and the NYCC Comic Con mobile app—The app includes the exhibitor list, autograph schedules, panel times and much more. You can set up a “My Show” account that allows you to put items in your schedule, get notifications in advance and modify plans as the days go on.
  • Attend some panels—It can be easy to spend all your time on the Show Floor, checking out all the merch, but you’ll miss a lot of the fun that the panels provide. There might be the cast and crew of your favorite movie, or you might see the newest comic-based video game. There are also panels that offer tips for writing, drawing or even surviving an alien invasion!
  • Make certain you have cash—You’ll find lots of stuff you want to bring home—comics, tee shirts and other merch. Some vendors may take plastic, but all of them will take cash.
  • Activate your badge before you get to the show—You can do this online. Your badge must be activated before you arrive, so that it can be scanned when you come in.


What to Bring to Comic Con NYC 2017

Long-time NYCC attendees recommend the following:

  • Your own personal swag bag—SWAG (stuff we all get) abounds at Comic Con and you want to bring your own personal bag to collect and protect all you get.
  • Comic book bags and boards—If you are a serious collector, you want to have everything you need to safeguard your treasures.
  • A refillable water bottle—Otherwise, you’ll have to stand in line to buy water.
  • Some basic survival items—Ibuprofen, tissue, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, x-ray glasses—all the things you need in an emergency
  • A camera—There’s no flash photography allowed during Panels and no photos allowed in the autograph area, but everything else is fair game.
  • Snacks—The food can be expensive and the lines can be long
  • A charger for your phone or other device


A Charter Bus Rental—The Cool Way to Come to Comic Con

It’s going to be a mad-house at the Javits Center—don’t make things hard on yourself. With a charter bus from, you can be dropped off at the front door and won’t miss a thing. Here are other great reasons for considering a charter bus:

  • Charter buses offer safety and security—Our drivers are simply the best in the business, due in significant part to the rigorous training we put them through. Another benefit of bus travel—the limited access to the bus ensures that you and your personal items are safe and secure.
  • Charter buses offer reliable transportation—We’ll have you at Comic Con in time to see and do everything. With a charter bus, delays and cancellations just don’t happen. We have the cutting edge technology to respond to any issue, so we can always get you where you want to be when you want to be there.
  • Bus travel offers the most affordable travel—Bus travel is hands-down the most cost effective way to travel. With the money you don’t spend on travel, you can bring home more cool stuff.
  • Charter buses give you room to move—The seats are cushy, the aisles are spacious and you can get up at any time.
  • Bus travel can accommodate any group—Large or small, your group will find a coach that’s perfect for your needs.


Book Your Charter Bus to Comic Con NYC 2017 Today

There’s no reason to wait another minute. You can make your reservation online, the fast and easy way. Call 1-888-502-3458 to reserve your vehicle.


Comic Con NYC 2017—The Acme of Awesomeness!!