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City of the Month—Washington, D.C.

A Charter Bus Rental—Visit Our Nation’s Capital Like Royalty!!

From the Smithsonian and National Mall to the Washington Monument and White House, Washington, D.C. offers an unmatched opportunity to experience the rich history and legacy of our great country! But there’s a lot more to this truly amazing city—world class restaurants and shopping, a vibrant cultural community, world championship sports franchises, challenging golf courses and more. There’s something for everyone! America’s capital is a big city with lots of visitors year-round. If you’re traveling with a group to the nation’s capital, you want your trip to be a memorable one. No one wants to spend their time looking at a map, battling traffic or trying to find a place to park. There’s an easy and affordable way to enjoy everything D.C. has to offer—in the comfort and luxury of a charter bus from

D.C on a Charter Coach—Make It Easy on Yourself!

One of the premier tourist destinations in the world, Washington, D.C. drew more than 20 million visitors in 2016. Here are just a few of the many good reasons why:

  • Arts and Culture—Whether it’s live music, theatre or ballet, world-class art galleries or museums, the District of Columbia has offerings to compare with any other city on earth. You could spend your entire trip at the Smithsonian and still only see a small portion of what’s there. The Kennedy Center regularly brings in the best theatre and dance in the nation. There’s also plenty of opportunity to enjoy live music, whether it’s the National Symphony Orchestra or a jazz legend at the Blues Alley Club.
  • Historical Attractions—If you have any interest in the history of our nation, you need to go to D.C. First selected by President George Washington to be the national capital, the city houses many of the buildings that are most precious to and readily identified with our democracy—the White House, the Halls of Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court Building. The National Mall, famous site of many rallies over the years, was established in 1901, and is home to a number of monuments and memorials honoring America’s servicemen and women. The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial all pay tribute to individual Americans who made significant contributions to our way of life.
  • Professional Sports—Home to the Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitols, DC also boasts competitive teams in the other three major sports—the Washington Nationals (or “Nats”) of Major League Baseball, the Wizards of the NBA, and the Redskins, former Super Bowl champs. It’s also the site of the Citi Open, one of the key professional tennis tournaments leading up to the U.S. Open.
  • Golf—If you’re headed to Washington, D.C., for business or for pleasure, be sure to bring your sticks with you, as there are a multitude of great links…the Blue Course at the Congressional Country Club has been the site of three U.S. Opens and a PGA Championship. Locals consider the East Potomac Golf Course, near Reagan Airport, to be one of the best public course options in the DC metro area. Other popular layouts include Burning Tree Country Club, Westfields Golf Club, Raspberry Falls and the Stonewall. The 54 hole course at Andrews Air Force Base, is customarily open to civilians.
  • Restaurants and shopping—The cuisine in the District of Columbia speaks to its role as our national capital—from the brisket at the Hill Country BBQ Market to southwestern and Tex-Mex at the Mission and California Tortilla, from the burgers at the Logan Tavern to the wide assortment of sandwiches at GCDC Grilled Cheese, you’ll find fare that represents every district in the nation. But it’s an international culinary heaven, too, with Columbian, Shanghai, Eastern European, Arabic, Polynesian, Burmese and Peruvian food available as well. If you’re coming to the nation’s capital to shop, check out Georgetown, world-famous for its trendy shops and boutiques, collectible galleries and antique emporiums. CityCenterDC is one of the newest and hottest places to shop, with high-end retailers like Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. For real one-of-a-kind items, visit Union Market and Eastern Market, where you’ll find local creative artists and designers.
  • Places to get some fresh air—With all the monuments and memorials, a city where you’ll have ample opportunity to walk. But if you just want to find a bucolic place to relax, check out the many parks, including Anacostia, Battery Kemble, Lafayette and the Tidal Basin.

Make Your Trip to D.C. Easy—with a Charter Bus Rental

The Beltway is one of the busiest motorways in the world, with seemingly nonstop traffic 24/7/365. There are a lot of compelling reasons to travel to the District of Columbia on a charter bus from

  • Charter buses are safe and secure—Studies consistently find that charter buses are the safest way for groups to travel. There’s only one way on and off the bus, so you never have to worry about uninvited guests—you and your personal belongings will always be protected. In addition, because we use only the best drivers, regularly trained to deal with any type of emergency, you’ll travel in safety and confidence.
  • Charter buses offer unmatched flexibility—When you rent a charter bus, you get to dream and we’ll make it happen. You won’t have to choose from a small number of prepackaged options—instead, you tell us where you want to go, when you want to be there, and how long you want to stay. We’ll handle all the details.
  • There’s no more relaxed and low-maintenance way to travel—When you travel by charter bus, you get to really be on vacation—you won’t have to check your watch, look for directions or try to find a place to park. Once you board the bus, we’ll handle all the details. We don’t have TSA lines, so you won’t have to take your shoes off, remove your belt, or hold your hands in the air. With a charter bus, because you travel on the same coach at all times and your luggage travels with you, there are no risks of missed connections or lost bags. You’ll never have to put your phone or any other device on “Bus Mode” either—you can be in contact with friends and family at all times, sharing pictures, memories and good times.
  • Charter bus travel is reliable—All the coaches we use are meticulously maintained, so mechanical problems are virtually unheard of. You won’t have to worry about delays or cancellations with a charter bus.
  • There’s plenty of room to move about—There’s more room between your seat and the one in front of you than on any other mode of transportation. The aisles are also spacious and there are no limitations about when you can get up and move around.
  • A charter bus is cost-effective—There’s no more reasonably priced way to travel as a group than on a charter bus. With the dollars you don’t spend on travel, you can bring back cherished souvenirs of your trip to the nation’s capital.
  • Charter buses are help you go green—When you travel together on a charter bus, you dramatically reduce the number of vehicles on the road, and that’s good for the earth.—We Have the Perfect Coach for Your Trip to the District of Columbia

At, we work with a comprehensive network of charter bus service providers, with a diverse fleet of vehicles. Whether it’s a small group that’s traveling to D.C., or you’re bringing half the town, we can match you up with the right vehicle. For groups of 12 or fewer, our Executive Sprinter Vans are ideal, with comfortable seating and lots of room for personal items and meme. For slightly larger groups, consider our Mini-Bus, which seats from 24 to 35 passengers. Don’t worry, though, if you have a big group—our largest coaches comfortably accommodate up to 57 people and multiple bus rentals are always an option. If it’s a party that’s taking you to DC, why not start the party early? With one of our party buses, you can enjoy a state-of-the-art sound system, as well as other amenities. Some even have a bar and a dance floor!

Our coaches come complete with a wide array of modern conveniences. We offer Wifi, DVD players and PA systems, as well as ports and charging stations for your devices on most coaches. Some also have on-board restroom facilities. The options are different from bus to bus, so check with your booking agent to determine what’s available.

A Charter Bus Rental to Washington, D.C.—Book Your Trip Today

At, we bring decades of experience to the charter bus rental business, helping people enjoy the benefits of charter bus travel to more than 21,000 events every year. To learn more about the different coaches we can get for you or to obtain a free quote, call 1-888-502-3458 today to talk to one of our experienced agents.



City of the Month—Washington, D.C.