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Chicago’s Haunting Halloween Events in 2016

Haunted Houses

br-halloween highlights the following as some of Chicago’s best Halloween haunted houses events:


  • Disturbia Screams in the Park takes you through Rosemont Park and into a parking garage of 35 interactive rooms. Pitch black only touches the surface of what you’ll experience. Feel the fear screaming from the tip of your head down to your toes. Sewers of the Underworld and the Dark Swamp await you along with House of Victoria, where the Souls of the Damned lurk to test your sanity.
  • Enter Statesville Haunted Prison and wander through 23 different cells. Prisoners, who were too wicked to die, riot and clamor to get out. And if that’s not horrific enough, check out nearby City of the Dead, a burial pit full of caves and mine shafts where past inmates fill the graves. The Gate Keeper — newly arisen from his grave — waits to greet you along with hordes of roaming zombies.
  • The 13th Floor Haunted House is home to more than 30,000 feet of horror-filled space. The two main attractions are Legacy of Darkness and Dead End District. At Legacy of Darkness, you’ll encounter a cemetery full of vampires eagerly wanting to suck your blood. As you flee to escape that horror, you’ll run into Dead End District, where zombies lurk in every corner.


Keep Safe on Halloween

Leave your scares in the haunted houses and ride in a limo or party bus with a professional driver at the wheel. You can party hearty, get spooked at the festivities and not have to worry about traffic, directions or parking. Besides, there’s no safer form of ground transportation in the country than charter buses, and it’s also the greenest way to travel.

Halloween events in NYC & Chicago


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Chicago’s Haunting Halloween Events in 2016