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Charter Bus Rentals for Fraternities of All Sizes

Easy Bus Rentals for Fraternities & Sororities

Fraternity life is a strong and important part of American higher education. More than 800 schools in North America have some fraternity system and there are more than nine million Greek members across the United States. In addition, more than 80% of the nation’s largest corporations are run by former fraternity members. Fraternity and sorority members give approximately four times as much money to charitable organizations as fellow students, accounting for more than three-quarters of all collegiate giving.  Studies also show that Greeks at a lot of schools have better grades and higher graduation rates. But it’s not all work and no play…it’s also one of the primary social outlets for many new college students. Many of the most popular social events on and off campuses across the country are sponsored by fraternities.

Is your fraternity planning a formal, a date party or some other big event? Do you want to get everyone there and back safely, without having to worry about directions, parking and traffic? There’s a really easy way to make any Greek outing—with a charter bus rental from Whether it’s your fraternity’s big event of the year or an outing for your chapter’s leadership team, we have the ideal vehicle to meet all your travel needs.

Getting Away for Your Fraternity Formal                            

Whether it’s the Winter Formal or the Spring Formal, it’s a lot more fun when you hold the event somewhere away from campus, where you can let your hair down and have a great time. More and more, the formal takes place over a couple days, typically from Friday night (after classes are over) until Sunday, and it’s becoming customary to stage the formal at a resort or hotel.

You’ll have a lot more fun if travel in groups—the fun can start the minute you board the bus. You’ll all arrive at the same time, so you can plan group events without worrying about late arrivals. Furthermore, there’s never any fear that some of your participants will have car trouble or be stranded somewhere far from home. The trip to the venue can be a great opportunity to break the ice, to allow people to get to know each other and to really kick off the weekend.

When it comes time for the formal dinner on Saturday night, your driver will meet you at the door of the hotel, take you right to the restaurant and safely escort you back when dinner’s over. Though you may prefer to stay at the resort the entire weekend, you can always arrange outside excursions, often at the last minute.

Some Tips for Having a Great Time at a Fraternity Formal

If you’ve never been to a fraternity formal before, you’re in for the experience of your life. Here are some tips to make certain it’s a memorable…and positive…experience:

  • Don’t take someone as your date unless you know them pretty well—You may discover pretty quickly that you don’t want to spend 48 hours with the same person. Unless the person you bring is close to you, they may not understand when you want to hang out with someone else. In addition, it could be awkward…you may not be ready to share a bed with someone you don’t know well.
  • Take lots of pictures—Hopefully, it will be a weekend you won’t soon forget, but you’ll always have photos to jog your memory.
  • Be respectful—This goes for both parties. The fraternity members attending the formal have likely forked over a lot of money for the trip, so don’t simply ignore them—that’s bad manners. But you’re not at their beck and call—you have a right to be treated with respect. The formal will be a better experience for everyone if you do.
  • Make certain you thank your date—Again, this means both of you. Ladies—thank your date for paying for the weekend and showing you a good time. Fellas—they could just as easily have said no, so thank them for making your weekend a great one.

A Charter Bus Rental—Here Are Some of the Many Benefits for Your Fraternity

When your chapter’s planning any kind of event, ground transportation is going to be critical. Even when everything else goes well, if people have a bad travel experience, that’s what they’ll remember. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose charter:

  • Charter is the safest and most secure way to travel—You won’t have to worry about all of your members getting behind the wheel, increasing the risk of an accident. When you travel on a charter bus from com, you’ll be escorted by the best drivers in the world, professionals who have been through rigorous training to prepare them for any situation. In addition, because of the controlled access to a bus—there’s typically only one way on and off our coaches—you won’t have to worry about unwanted guests. You and your belongings will always be safe and secure.
  • Charter takes all the burden off of you—When you rent a charter bus, you won’t have to check a map or look at GPS, you won’t have to try to find a place to park, and you won’t have to battle traffic. When you travel by charter, you can relax immediately, enjoying your time with fellow brothers and sisters while we take care of everything.
  • Charter offers unparalleled flexibility—With a charter bus, you’ll get to design your own custom trip. You tell us where you want to go, when you want to go there, how long you want to stay, and when you want to return, and we’ll handle all the details. In addition, because of our extensive network of charter bus service providers, we can typically handle last-minute changes to your itinerary or even book an entire trip with relatively little notice.
  • You can depend on a charter bus—When you absolutely have to be somewhere at a specific time, charter bus is the way to go. Our coaches are meticulously maintained, so mechanical problems are virtually unheard of, and delays and cancellations almost non-existent. In addition, because you’ll travel on the same bus for the entire trip, you won’t have to worry about missing a connection or losing your luggage.
  • You’ll have plenty of wide open space—All of our coaches have plush seating, with plenty of leg room between you and the person in front of you. In addition, the aisles are wide enough to stand in or comfortably move about…and you can get up whenever you want to!
  • Your phone doesn’t have a “bus mode” setting—Actually, most of the things that make air travel a hassle are simply not a factor on a bus. You can have your phone (or any other device) on at all times and you won’t have a negative impact on the bus’s navigational system. In fact, most of our buses have Wifi, iPod and iPad ports and charging stations. You won’t have to go through a TSA line, you won’t have to take your shoes off and you can bring a whole bottle of shampoo.
  • You’ll have a wide range of options—Because we work with so many charter bus vendors, we offer the most comprehensive fleet of vehicles in the industry. If you’re taking a large group, consider one of our large coaches, with room for up 57 passengers. Our minibuses are the perfect size for slightly smaller groups, accommodating anywhere from 24 to 35 comfortably. For groups of 15 or less, the Executive Sprinter Van has ample seating and luggage space.
  • You’ll leave less of an impact on the planet—When you all travel together, there’s a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Charter bus travel is the most affordable way to go—There’s no other mode of travel that’s more cost-effective than charter bus travel. Of course, because of the tremendous flexibility that charter buses offer, the total cost of a trip can vary significantly. The factors that typically have a significant impact on your final cost include where you will travel, how many participants you’ll have, how long you’ll be gone, and the time of year you choose to travel.


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Charter Bus Rentals for Fraternities of All Sizes