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Charter a Dallas Bus Using Your Mobile Device


The fastest and easiest way to charter a bus for anywhere in the nation is to find on your mobile device and use the simple form. Through the partnership of US Coachways and Greyhound, you have access to the most comprehensive bus network in the country, allowing more choices of vehicles and destinations than ever before.

Digital communication makes many services close to instantaneous. Reservations are made in seconds. No more snail mail for contracts and complicated processes.

Free Up Your Time by Leaving Transportation to the Professionals

Traveling with friends and family on a bus charter is more pleasurable than many people realize. You have your own onboard restroom, comfortable seats, and if you travel in a luxury vehicle such as a party bus, you have wonderful amenities — two televisions, DVD, Surround Sound System, 10 disk CD player, leather seating, fiber optic lighting, crystal bar and more.

While comfortably traveling, you can spend quality time visiting, catching up on the latest news or reminiscing about old times.

Hello Dallas! Here we come!

Like any large metropolis, Dallas has countless things to see and do. Your greatest challenge may be deciding on a travel itinerary.

For dedicated shoppers, NorthPark Center 50 is a classy shopping oasis with Neiman Marcus, Tiffany, Valentino and Burberry to name a few high-end stores. The mall also has artworks on display by Andy Warhol and other famous artists. You can visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which has a permanent exhibit about the legacy of President John F. Kennedy, with facts about his life and assassination. Twenty-five miles outside of Dallas is Southfolk Ranch, the Dallas version of Graceland, where the TV show Dallas was filmed. Take a tour and see the life style of the program’s rich and famous.

Your bus charter can take you from one destination to the next, and you can make your social connections with family or friends while enjoying the ride.

Help Save the Planet by Traveling Green

We’re proud to say that bus charter travel is the most green of all types of transportation. Greener than trains, airplanes, cars and city bus mass transit. Get your group together and rent a bus for your weekend getaway, day trip, family reunion or vacation.

Join the Mobile Ready Who Book Online!

Fast and easy charter bus rental online is just a few clicks. Book ahead and take advantage of discounts. You save 10% discount when you book $1,000 or more of travel. Call 888-502-3458 and mention when booking your trip.

Charter a Dallas Bus Using Your Mobile Device