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Bus vs. Train

As the airlines started recovering from 9/11 and ticket prices began their gradual climb to previously higher ranges, the bargain basement deals that inspired many to fly lost their draw. The Great Recession hit us in 2008, and people all over the nation looked for more effective ways to pinch pennies. Bus and train travel gained a foothold as more economical alternatives to flying, especially when traveling shorter distances, such as between large U.S. cities.

As bus and train travel resurged, a new question arose — which is better —traveling by bus or train?

Since you’ve discovered this blog on a bus blog page, you’ve probably guessed we vote for the bus. But we’ve got some good reasons, and here’s why:

Economics. Buses are far more economical than trains. An article published in Money Crashers points out that traveling by train is only marginally cheaper than plane travel.  Discounts are available for AAA members and students. However, bus fares are overall much more affordable and especially for shorter travel distances between large cities like New York and Philadelphia, for example.

Scenery. Today the main use for trains is transporting freight rather than passengers. Consequently, scenes you view along the railways were not designed for their scenic views or travel. Bus routes often provide panoramas of lush forests, beautiful rivers and lakes along with mountain or coastal views. Certain types of landscape are not ideal for building railways and trains simply don’t have access to the diverse views bus travel offers.

Green travel. Buses are the greenest form of ground transportation in the nation. Lay your concerns about leaving a carbon footprint to rest.
If you’re the type of traveler who savors the journey, then consider taking a bus and relaxing along the way. Traveling can help you get away from a daily grind and allow you to create some enjoyable moments and new memories.
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Bus vs. Train