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Bus Charters: Student Travel Over the Holidays

Many parents drop their kids off for college in August, and then over Christmas vacation they pay for their trip home to spend the holidays. Kids often go to college in their home states or nearby states.

The question arises, what’s the best way for them to come home for the holidays?

For a jaunt that’s a four or five-hour drive, flying may not be worth the expense or effort. By the time you take a shuttle to the airport, arrive 2 hours in advance of the flight and check in, then sit on the tarmac for takeoff, flying can take as long as riding a bus.

Baggage is another consideration. How many students like to stuff as many dirty clothes as they can into a big suitcase and wash them at home? Probably quite a few. Airplanes limit what you can bring. For carry-on bags, you need a plastic bag for your liquid containers (which must be 3.4 ounces or less), and after you’ve jumped through a few more hurdles, you’ll be able to make it through the TSA checkpoint.

By comparison, bus travel is far less demanding. You don’t have the same limits on baggage or have to worry about baggage fees or liquid bottle sizes. You can buy your snacks and water bottles at reasonable grocery store instead of airport prices and bring them onto the bus. Bus coaches have restrooms similar to planes and you’ll have more legroom too.

Today, buses have Wi-Fi so you can watch movies on your laptop. Catch up on television shows you’ve missed, send emails or just relax and think about what you’ll do over the holidays and how happy you are to be going home.

If families and friends have a group of kids attending the same college, consider chartering a minibus or larger coach for the ride home.

Plan your trip home for the holidays today

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Bus Charters: Student Travel Over the Holidays