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Best Snacks On-The-Go for Long Bus Rides

Tasty Treats to Make Your Charter Bus Trip Memorable

When you’re planning a trip with a group, there are many details to consider, apart for the logistics of getting there and back. It can be tempting to put all your emphasis on your destination, but a really successful outing will also look at how to make the trip itself as much fun as possible. If you plan to be on the bus more than a couple hours, you may want to consider putting together a playlist of music to entertain your entourage. You’ll also want to think about snacks—seems like nothing helps stimulate the appetite than a road trip. Here are some suggestions for appetizers and snacks to make your excursion more enjoyable.

Some Basic Considerations

Before you identify specific types of goodies to bring, think about what will be required for certain types of snacks:

  • Avoid snacks that need refrigeration or heat—You might be able to bring a cooler or two on the bus, but there won’t be a lot of room. Don’t bring cheese or meats that need refrigeration or snacks that have mayonnaise or other ingredients that might go bad, unless you plan to eat them early in the trip. On the other hand, some snacks are meant to be eaten warm—cold meatballs or wings can leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Avoid snacks that are really messy or create a lot of waste—You may have a restroom on your coach, but you don’t want to be running back and forth to wash your hands. You might bring wet wipes, but that also creates a lot of waste. While fruit can be a healthy snack, it can also result in a lot of waste—apple cores, banana peels, etc.—you’ll need to sealable waste can or garbage bag to handle that waste. Peanuts in a shell are also a bad idea. So are Cheetos and similar snacks that leave a residue on your fingers.
  • Avoid stinky food—You may love the smell of limburger cheese, but most of your fellow passengers will not. You may face a decision at the first potty break—you or the stinky food.

Some Staples to Take on the Road

You don’t have to get fancy—here are some basic snacks that are both healthy and relatively maintenance free—

  • Granola bars—There are plenty available in the store or you can make your own. They’re a good source of energy and typically don’t produce much waste.
  • Raw vegetables—Carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes are all easy to bring and will be fine at room temperatures for most or all of your trip.
  • Dried fruit—With dried fruit, you can get all the benefits of fruit without the waste
  • Trail mix—Buy it in bulk or bring a big batch of your own special recipe
  • Shelled nuts—Avoid any nuts that are still in the shell—inevitably, some shells will end up on the floor of the bus
  • Water—While it’s not really a snack, it’s an essential—you want to make certain that everyone stays properly hydrated throughout the trip. Always keep bottled water on board.

Some Homemade Snacks that Can Make Your Trip Special

There’s really little to limit your imagination and creativity in preparing delectable snacks for a road trip, and it can be both fun and rewarding to create your own unique concoctions. Here are some fun ideas to make your excursion memorable:

  • Flavor-dusted nuts—Though you can purchase all kinds of flavored nuts, you can also create your own. If you like a little heat, try some chili-lime cashews or the Cajun nuts, a spicy Southern treat. For a sweeter treat, the vanilla spiced nuts are hard to beat.
  • Your own brand of Chex mix—Don’t buy the prepackaged Chex mixes—make your own instead. For a little zing, try the Buffalo Wing Chex Mix, with buffalo sauce and dry ranch dressing mix. The churro Chex Mix infuses powdered sugar and cinnamon into a Rice Chex mix—you won’t be able to keep your hands out of the bowl. For the perfect blend of crunchy, sweet and salty, there’s the bacon Chex mix—hey, it’s got bacon in it—what more can you want?
  • Tasty popcorn—Popcorn is the ultimate vehicle for experimenting with different flavors…and it’s great road food. For that sweet and salty fix, try the marshmallow-peanut popcorn or the Island Breeze popcorn, with coconut and almonds. Another popular and easy-to-make treat—the garlic bread popcorn, with Parmesan and a hint of basil.

The Ideal Way to Enjoy Your Road Trip Snacks—On a Charter Bus

When you’ve prepared some tasty road treats, you want to enjoy them. That’s pretty difficult when you’re fighting traffic, consulting your GPS or trying to find a parking space. Let yourself be part of the fun—with a charter bus from Here are just a few of the reasons to travel by charter coach:

  • It’s the safest way to travel—We work with in the best drivers in the business, extensively trained so that they are prepared to respond to any situation. In addition, because of the limited entry to our coaches, you won’t have concerns about your personal safety or the security of your personal belongings.
  • You have almost unlimited flexibility—With a charter bus, every trip is different, created to meet your specific needs. Just tell us when and where you want to go and how long you want to stay there, and we’ll take care of everything else. Because we have access to a large fleet of vehicles, last minute changes and even last-minute reservations are not a problem.
  • You actually get to be on vacation—With a charter bus, you can just show up and have a great time. You won’t have to worry about schedules or directions or when you need to be somewhere. We’ll get you to every destination in a timely manner. Because you’ll be on the same coach at all times and your luggage will travel with you, you won’t miss a connection or lose a bag. In addition, we don’t have a TSA line—you won’t have to take off your shoes or your belt, or submit to a full body scan. You can bring you own toiletries, and you won’t have to put your phone on “bus mode.”
  • You’ll never be left in the lurch—Because our charter buses are carefully maintained, mechanical problems are almost nonexistent. In addition, with our onboard navigation and communication systems, we can anticipate traffic issues and find alternate routes to get you to your destination on time.
  • You’ll have room to breathe—All of our coaches have plenty of room between the seats and in the aisles. You are also free to move about the bus at any time.
  • You won’t have to take out a second mortgage—Charter bus travel is consistently the most affordable option for group travel. With the money you don’t have to spend getting there, you can bring back a souvenir of your trip.
  • You’ll be traveling green—Because you’ll have your group in a single vehicle, instead of individual cars, you’ll leave less of a carbon footprint.

The Right-Sized Coach for Your Group

Regardless of the size your entourage, we have a coach that meets your needs. If you are traveling with a small group of friends or family, our Executive Sprinter Vans are ideal, with accommodations for up to 12 and lots of room for your luggage and souvenirs. For slightly larger groups, consider one of our mini-buses, which seat anywhere from 24 to 35 passengers. But we can meet the needs of the biggest groups. Our largest coaches hold up to 57 and multiple bus rentals are always an option. And if you want the whole trip to be a party, think about renting one of our party buses. These specialty vehicles have room for 20 to 40 guests and come with high-end sound systems and other modern conveniences, such as dance floors and wet bars..

We offer a wide range of amenities on our coaches, including Wifi, DVD players and PA systems, as well as ports and charging stations for all your favorite devices. In addition, we have many coaches with on-board bathroom facilities. The amenities vary from coach to coach, so check with your booking agent to find out what’s available.

You’ll Savor Your Trip with a Charter Bus from, the largest charter bus network in the nation, has been the industry leader in the charter bus business for more than 30 years, providing quality coaches to more than 21,000 events each year. To learn more about the different coaches in our fleet or to get a free quote, call 1-888-502-3458 to talk to one of our experienced agents.



Best Snacks On-The-Go for Long Bus Rides