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America’s Top Ten Party Lakes

America’s Top Ten Party Lakes

For some, a vacation is a chance to chill, to sit in a hammock or lie on a beach and let time pass by…but if that’s not your idea of a good time…if you have enough monotony or routine every day and you’re looking to let off a little steam, let your hair down and PARTY!!!—how about a trip to a party lake, where revelry is the rule of the day (and the night)?

America's Top 10 Party Lakes

Here are the top ten inland waterways where boat tie-ups, keggers, double-decker party barges and other forms of merriment are standard operating procedure!

  1. Lake Martin—Alabama

With seemingly endless coves and offshoots, this 41,000 lake an hour or so southeast of Birmingham has been known to host both Alabama and Auburn fans simultaneously. Though the rivalry can get intense in late summer and early fall, the proliferation of house boats, barges and paddleboats have earned it a reputation as a “floating trailer park party,” as well as the site for the 2009 Aquapalooza.

  1. Lake Minnetonka—Minnesota

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, this is the one where everyone goes to party. Known to the locals as “Big Island,” it sports 42 bays and more than 120 miles of shoreline. Located about 15 miles due west of the Twin Cities, it’s also the former home and recording center for Prince. Come in September for the nationally renowned Lake Minnetonka Block Party, when everyone gets in on the action.


  1. Lake St. Clair—Michigan

Spanning the coast between Detroit and its sister city of Windsor, Ontario, Lake St. Clair has a longstanding reputation for adult beverages and adult fun. Come for Jobbie Nooner, a Mardi Gras on the lake held twice each summer—once on the Friday before the 4th of July weekend and again on the first Saturday in September.

  1. Lake Norman—North Carolina

Long known for holding the unofficial world record for boat tie-ups, this massive lake just north of Charlotte, with 520 miles of shoreline, hosts an annual Summer Social Olympics, with a wide array of creative party games, including Junk in the Trunk, Dizzy Bat (a drinking game) and the bawdy swimsuit swap, where a man and woman run into a porta-potty and completely swap bathing suits…we’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

  1. Lake Tahoe—Nevada and California

Tahoe is probably the number one water party destination west of the Mississippi. Straddling California and Nevada, this lake is the largest in the United States outside of the Great Lakes. There are lake houses all along the water, offering an almost non-stop party atmosphere. Zephyr Cove is the place to be, with beachside bars and an annual Hot Body contest.

  1. Lake Havasu–Arizona

The bacchanal of the Southwest, Havasu leaves little to your imagination. The action centers around the Bridgewater Channel, a half mile waterway where you’ll find beer bongs, bikinis and even a boat-side stripper pole. Havasu has made it on MTV’s spring break report a couple times and many who’ve been there consider it the premier party lake in the nation.

  1. Lake George—New York

This waterway, due north of the Albany-Schenectady metropolitan area, is one of the bachelor party/bachelor weekend meccas in the northeast. With more than 45 square miles of water, it’s long been a destination for weekend long soirees, and is near a number of the state’s best microbreweries.


  1. Lake of the Ozarks–Missouri

With more than 1,100 miles of shoreline and almost 100 square miles of water, Lake of the Ozarks is the largest man-made lake in the country. It’s been the site of Aquapalooza and features “Party Cove,” with its infamous “gauntlet,” where new boaters have to navigate parallel rows of boats where they face a flurry of water balloons, cannons and verbal assaults. Oh, and LOTO is renowned for its lenient laws on toplessness.

  1. Lake Travis—Texas

Nude sunbathing is allowed at Hippie Hollow Park, at the eastern end of this Texas reservoir northwest of Austin. There’s always a party at Devil’s Cove and there’s a double decker water slide that comes sith a barbeque pit.


  1. Lake Cumberland–Kentucky

The new record-holder for boat tie-ups, Lake Cumberland hosted a line of more than 1,600 boats, jetskis, canoes and other watercraft. If you’re looking for a smaller shindig, check out Harmon Creek Party Cove, a favorite of the locals.

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America’s Top Ten Party Lakes