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Affordable Accommodations: Alternatives for Group Travel

Have you ever thought you might travel more if you could afford it? Staying in hotels can be price-y, and motels offering lower rates are often not in safe areas nor are they comfortable.

Thanks to the Internet, we have more options for travel accommodations today than ever before. Several websites offer homey alternatives, which are especially great when traveling in a group. Airbnb and HomeAway are two websites that connect the owner of a rental property with the traveler looking for a place to stay.

These are generally houses, apartments or condominiums that make you feel like you’re staying in a home — and in fact, you are. Often you have the choice whether to rent the whole house or apartment. Or if you’re traveling alone, you can rent just a room.

How does it work? It’s actually quite easy. You can click on the city or location you plan to visit, and accommodations options pop up with the cost per night and photos of the room or place for rent. There are reviews and references you can read. Once you decide on a place and the other party renting the room agrees to your date, then arrangements are confirmed through the website. It’s no different than booking other online accommodations.

Use the photos and reviews when evaluating good places to stay. Multiple listings by the same party usually mean property managers are renting places to stay. You’ll typically find a homier environment by avoiding multiple listings. The rent money passes between you and the website and then goes to the party renting the accommodation. If you arrive and the place doesn’t fit its description or if it’s not clean or safe, follow the website’s process for a guest refund. You’ll either get your money back or be provided with a different acceptable place to stay.

The online places you find at Aribnb or HomeAway are far more economical than hotels. If you have a big group, you can all share the costs, making your vacation more affordable.

For even greater savings and a trip that’s lots of fun for groups, travel by bus — the safest and greenest form of transportation in the country.

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Affordable Accommodations: Alternatives for Group Travel