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Advantages of Professional Driving in Winter Weather

Have you ever experienced white-knuckle driving in terrible weather like heavy rain, snow or sleet? Or have you slid and skidded on icy roads? The stress can be intense when your vehicle fishtails or goes into a spin.

Driving in bad weather definitely increases the chance of accidents. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) reports the following over a period of 10 years from 2004 through 2013:

  • 22 percent of vehicle crashes occurred for weather-related reasons.
  • The greatest majority of weather-related crashes happened on wet pavement and during rainfall: 73 percent on wet pavement and 46 percent during rainfall.
  • An additional 17 percent of crashes occurred related to snow or sleet, and 13 percent on icy pavement and 14 percent on snowy or slush pavement.

Consider Giving the Wheel to a Professional

Chartering a bus, minibus or limousine to take a group of friends or family on an outing helps you deal with unfavorable weather conditions. Professional drivers know how to drive in the elements, and when the weather is too adverse for travel, companies will tell you. Instead of second guessing and putting yourself and loved ones in danger by attempting to drive on your own, rely on the experts. You can enjoy the trip far more. Sit back, relax and chat with family or friends. It instills confidence to know that charter buses are the safest form of ground transportation in the country.

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Advantages of Professional Driving in Winter Weather