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10 Ways a Charter Bus Rental Makes Planning Your Group Trip Ridiculously Easy

There’s nothing like easy and stress-free travel. Enjoy these benefits of charter bus travel:


  • Avoid long waits for security checks.  Avoid standing in line for several hours to receive a security check so you can board a flight. CNN recently reported insane wait times for passengers. Even though the government is taking steps to remedy the situation, summer is a busy travel time and it may not make much difference. There are no waits or security checks when chartering a bus.
  • Enjoy the benefit of a professional driver.  Charter buses and other vehicles have professional drivers who can deal with traffic, navigate directions and deal with parking. Travel stress free.
  • Travel safely. Charter buses are the safest form of ground transportation on U.S roads today.
  • Travel green. Charter buses are also the most eco-friendly form of ground transportation in the nation. Join the green movement and reduce the carbon footprint you leave during travel.
  • Avoid having to designate a driver. When going to a wedding, a bachelor/bachelorette party, a winery or other celebration where there will be drinking, you don’t have to worry about designating a driver.
  • Travel in luxury. Many party buses and limos have televisions, surround sound systems and beverage bars.
  • Travel in comfort. Sit in comfortable seats with more legroom than an economy flight seat.
  • Use Wi-Fi. Charter buses typically have excellent Wi-Fi that offers much better service than airplanes.
  • Arrive all together. When going to a wedding or business meeting you can all arrive at the same time and avoid delays.
  • Save on baggage fees. Unlike many airlines that charge for luggage, bus charters have no extra baggage fee.

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10 Ways a Charter Bus Rental Makes Planning Your Group Trip Ridiculously Easy