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49 & 56 Passenger Bus Rentals

Traveling or going on a trip is always great with the entire family or with a group of friends. The more, the merrier, they always say.

If you have a large group traveling with you, logistics and transportation used to be a big problem. For one, you needed to make sure that everybody would be safely and comfortably seated, and sometimes sourcing a big enough bus would be difficult.

Now with BusRental.com, you can easily get a 49-passenger and a 56-passenger bus rental anywhere you want to go.

What do you get with our 49-, 56-Passenger Bus?

With BusRental.com, you do not only get a bus to take you to your destinations but also a world of convenience, including:

  • Comfortable and spacious seats.¬†Buses have a lot of leg space and wiggle room so you can be very comfortable during your trip. No more feeling cramped up! Relax and just enjoy your trips with us!
  • A professional and courteous driver. Get driven around by a driver who knows the roads like the back of his hand, giving you that feeling of safety you need and want.
  • Lots of storage. From the overhead compartment to luggage compartment, you have a whole lot of space to store your baggage, sports equipment and other stuff in.
  • Relaxation and entertainment. There is no room to be bored on a 49-, 56-passenger bus because you have state of the art audiovisual equipment on board. Screen a movie, play games, and do what you want on your buses. There is also an onboard toilet so you do not have to hold it in until you reach the next stop. Nor do you have to make unscheduled stops!


Save more money when you avail of our deals!

Deal: 5 Hours 49-Passenger Bus Rental

Charter a 49-passenger bus rental for five hours for only $595.00! That is equal to less than $2.50 per hour per person on a full-capacity bus. Terms apply.

Deal: 8 Hours 49-Passenger Bus Rental

Get a 49-passenger bus rental from BusRental.com for eight hours for only $795.00. Or pay around $2.00 per person per hour for your bus! Terms apply.

So what are you waiting for? Getting a 49-, 56-passenger bus from BusRental.com is the best option if you are traveling with a large group of people. Save time and money while still enjoying top-notch buses and quality service from the best bus company anywhere in the United States!


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Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.