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30-Passenger Executive Mini Coach Bus Rental

Take your office, seminar, or team on the road with BusRental.com's 30-passenger executive mini coach bus rental.

The executive mini coach bus rental is a luxurious bus that is also an affordable option for groups of up to 30 people.

This is just perfect for corporate outings. Perhaps you want to have the option to prepare more materials while on your way to a seminar or a trade show. Or have some last-minute meetings on board. You can do all these on board.

The executive mini coach bus rental is also ideal for cool parties on the road.

What you get with our executive mini coach bus rental:

  • Plush, comfortable, leather seats. Nothing says luxury more than a comfortable leather seat that gives you a lot of space to move in. Our seats are so comfortable that you would not want to get out of it until you arrive at your destination. It is also great for a little shuteye or a nap while in transit, something you would appreciate after pulling a hectic all-nighter.
  • Meeting area tables. Our executive mini coach bus rental has tables and seating for four, which allows you to have some last-minute brainstorming session or an impromptu meeting even before you get to your event. Either those, or you can just have a pleasant discussion over a hot cup of coffee in this area.
  • Highly trained drivers. If you need everybody on your team to pay attention, or if you are having a party that nobody wants to miss out on, then do not worry as we provide you with a highly trained and professional driver to do the driving for you. All of you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer!

Luxurious and impressive, let BusRental.com provides you with the best executive mini coach bus rental in the country.


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Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.