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24-Passenger Charter Bus

Who wants the hassle of having to line up outside of clubs hoping to get inside? Or perhaps trying to find a place where you could go in with a big group?

BusRental.com offers you a chance to charter a 24-passenger Party bus for your celebrations. This is just perfect for smaller parties with up to 24 friends.

What do you get with a 24-passenger party bus from BusRental.com

  • Luxury and comfort. Think of a 24-passenger party bus as an oversized limousine for two dozen people. You have plush, well-appointed leather seats that you can lounge in. Our 24-passenger party bus has a perimeter seating, so that everybody can join in on the fun.
  • Entertainment at its best. Not only do you get comfortable perimeter seating, but there are fiber optic lights that helps you forget that you are on the road inside a bus, but makes you feel like you are in some high end dance club. Speaking of dance, you can have your own dance party on board with top of the line surround sound system. There are also TVs on board, so you can screen any movie if you like.
  • Professional driver. Now you can party as hard as you want and everybody gets to join. A professional chauffeur will drive you all night long to anywhere you want to go. This means that you can be sure that everybody is safe even as everyone has a good time drinking.
  • Your own unique party. While you can reserve nigh clubs and dance clubs for your entire party, why wait? You can have your own party on board a 24-passenger party bus. That means that you can start your party anytime anywhere. In fact, you can stop at a camping ground or a park, or perhaps on a beach and have your party right there!

So experience a great way to celebrate with a 24-passenger party bus from BusRental.com. Call us for more details at 1-800-653-0354.

Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.