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14 Passenger Suburban Limousine

Who says work cannot be glamorous?

If you need to travel for work with around a dozen of your colleagues, then consider getting a 14 passenger Suburban limousine from BusRental.com.

Work has never been this luxurious

You get a sleek Chevrolet Suburban that can accommodate 14-people comfortably with its leather perimeter seating. What this means is that nobody gets crowded in, and everyone in your group gets to be on the same vehicle. This is just perfect if you need to meet with the entire team for last-minute preparations or if you need to brush up on your presentations. Additionally, you also have a professional driver with you, so nobody on your team would have to drive and be distracted.

And at the end of the day, when you have come from a successful networking event, convention, trade show or when you have successfully won them over, you can celebrate on board our limousine because we provide you with a crystal bar for your use.

Family day trips on a 14 passenger Suburban limousine

And it is not only about work. Families can get a 14-passenger Suburban limousine from BusRental.com to ensure that they have adequate space. This means a better bonding time for everyone. And if you have kids that are easily bored, you can bring their favorite DVDs along and they could watch it while in transit. A 14-passenger Suburban limousine from BusRental.com comes with its own flat screen television and DVD player.

A 14-passenger Suburban limousine also has all the space you need for your luggage, sports equipment and everything you need to bring with you.

Other than that, you can use a 14-passenger Suburban limousine for other types of trips. Perhaps you would want to take your friends on a spa retreat. Or treat the kids and their friends to a day at the amusement park or bounce house.

Rely on a 14 passenger Suburban limousine, rely on BusRental.com

BusRental.com has a fleet of luxury limousines. You can get a 14-passenger Suburban limousine by calling us at 1-800-653-0354. It is about time that you experience living life in the lap of luxury, at a cost that is not prohibitive.

Want to find out how much a 14-passenger Suburban limousine would cost? Visit our Web site today and get a free online quote for you to charter a limousine for your trip. A customer service professional would get in touch with you and give you your quote.

Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.