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10 Passenger Cadillac Limousine

BusRental.com gives you some of the best automaker brands at your disposal. The 10-passenger Cadillac limousine is one of our luxury vehicles on offer.

Now you can get the comfort, convenience and luxury of riding our 10-passenger Cadillac limousine to any important event you go to. It comes with leather perimeter seating, fiber optic lights, neon lights, flat screen televisions, DVD player, a crystal bar, and surround sound system.

Work or Play on a 10 Passenger Cadillac Limousine from BusRental.com

A 10-passenger Cadillac limousine is just the perfect way to impress a corporate VIP. Whether you are entertaining somebody from your corporate headquarters or important investors, ferrying them on a 10-passenger Cadillac limousine is one way of saying that you value their presence and their business. You can even squeeze in some important business talks within the privacy of a 10-passenger Cadillac limousine while you are on your way to your major business meetings and after-work corporate affairs.

A 10-passenger Cadillac limousine is also the best way for you to throw a party with your closes friends. Be it a bachelorette party with all the girls or a special wedding party with your family and other events celebrating life's many milestones, you could easily get on a luxurious and exquisite Cadillac limousine.

You could have the party onboard the limousine or you can ask your driver for the night to take you anywhere you want to go.

Safe and professional service from BusRental.com

One of the best reasons to hire a 10-passenger Cadillac limousine from BusRental.com is that you can expect excellent customer service every step of the way. BusRental.com is only a phone call away. Dial 1-800-653-0354 and a professional customer service representative will answer your call and assist you in your inquiries.

Plus you have your own driver, which would help you have more fun on the road. You can attend to your guests and have fun. And everyone on board can enjoy wine, beer, or cocktails because a professional driver will be doing all the driving for you. In turn, everybody gets to equally join in the fun.

Get your free online quote for a 10-passenger Cadillac limousine from BusRental.com

A luxurious 10-passenger Cadillac is waiting for you. All you have to do is to call BusRental.com at 1-800-653-0354 or go to our Web site and fill out a short form to get a free online quote. Then you can forget all about it as we take care of everything else!

Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.